12 native subscriptions for the lazy present giver – Indianapolis Month-to-month

Nine and Roxy Mug Muse Club

Nine + Roxy’s Mug + Muse ClubPhoto courtesy of Nine and Roxy

A “gift that always gives” has become a cliché, but it does exist. A box of goodies that arrives on someone’s doorstep a few weeks after the holidays are appreciated again. And signing up someone for a subscription is last minute friendly for the gift giver too. Print out the confirmation email and pair it with a related, more packable gift, or load the PDF on a flash drive and wrap it. Here are 12 subscriptions from companies in Indianapolis:

Coffee: Indy Coffee Box, indycoffeebox.com

Starting at: $ 17 / month

For the cost of four lats, you can give someone a cup of quality coffee any day of the week with the Indy Coffee Box subscription. The entry cost is for a 12-ounce bag of whole beans, which is enough for 22 cups. The service offers a rotation of the best coffee roasters in Indianapolis and can be canceled at any time. Present it with a coffee grinder.

Coffee and cups: Mug + Muse Club, nineandroxy.com

From: $ 75 / three months

This Carmel mercantile Nine + Roxy coffee subscription includes a cup with every monthly shipment of Smalltown coffee beans. The mugs are cool modern designs, like everything in the boutique. It’s perfect for a new graduate who just has a first apartment in stock.

Facials: Bohemé Skin Membership, mermarche.com

Starting at: $ 75 / month

The Carmel Clean Beauty Salon MerMarché offers eight premium facials. The subscription offers a discount on one treatment per month (choose one) and also includes a 20 percent discount on other treatments at any time, as well as a clean sweep consultation on makeup and skin care products to learn more about environmentally friendly alternatives . Gift it with Among the Flowers herbal lip and cheek tint ($ 10) that sells in the salon.

Travel: Increase membership in the Travel Club, liftatetravelco.com

Starting at: $ 50 / year (on sale)

Sarah Reuter, a veteran of Indy’s Ambassadair Travel Club and Bottom Line Travel Solutions, started a new tour group this year – but the pandemic put the Kibosh on a world tour for a while. So instead she put together bespoke virtual tours. This month a group “went” on safari with New World Safaris and toured Johannesburg and Cape Town with a local guide who was live on Zoom with his camera phone from the airport. It worked so well that the guide invited them to stay at sunset and go back out at night to see the animals. Reuter has five more exclusive adventures planned, followed by Patagonia. At the end of each adventure, a participant’s name will be drawn to receive a free trip to that location. They’re all included in the $ 99 annual membership that’s currently available for free.

Hard Cider: Membership in Cider of the Month, ashandelm.com

From: $ 25 / quarter

The local Cidery Ash and Elm brings out a special flavor each month (maple orange, blueberry lavender, and mango lassi are the next three on deck). All are included in a quarterly pack of 8 that is either delivered or reserved for collection at the Eastside tasting room. Subscriptions also include some merch.

Indoor Plants: The Forest Flower Plants Subscription, shop.theforestflower.com

From: $ 30 / three months

Plant parenting is one thing now – or at least that’s what the kids call it. The forest flower reserves a new 4-inch child (i.e. a pot copy) every month. The recipients can pick it up and at the same time save 25 percent on a planter. Choose from Easy Care or Succulent / Cacti plans and give it away with a pretty planter filled with a garden spade, gloves and a bag of good plant-based food.

Witchcraft: Another box, Earlykind.com

From: $ 30 / three months

The SoBro-Shop Early Kind offers its version of a birch box, but with a natural / spiritual / ritual inclination. For the modern mother (or father) of the earth, it’s like a cookie jar with vegan and cruelty-free skin care products, crystals and stones, house cleaning herbs and much more, which are always delivered at the equinox or solstice.

Cake: Sahm’s Coffee Cake Club, shopahms.com

From: $ 35 / month for 12 months

Do you remember Sahm’s coffee cake from the time we ate carefree in restaurants? The local institution is now delivering a two-pound taste of the month for a year (currently fig pudding with candied oranges and a strong Big Lug icing). You can be pretty sure that your recipient doesn’t have this yet, as the club just started this month.

Natural Wine: King Dough Wine Membership, kingdoughpizza.com

Starting at: $ 40 / month plus a $ 50 registration fee

King Pough pizzerias have been serving natural wine for several years. This is wine made from local yeasts, without additives and with a minimum of sulfur. The wine club delivers bottles to your doorstep (two, four, or six a month, no judgment) and offers virtual tastings and conversations with winemakers. Present it with new glasses or a wine humor tchotchke.

Flowers: Lilly Lane Home Club, lillylane.com

Starting at: $ 55 / month

Fresh flowers brighten up gray winter days. Broad Ripple’s florist Lilly Lane offers monthly deliveries of professional arrangements to Midtown and Northside, starting at once a month for three months. More common options are available.

Books: Wild Geese Subscription Box, wildgeesebookshop.com

From: $ 35 / month

Children love receiving mail. With this subscription to Franklin bookseller Wild Geese, he receives a box with a newly published book and a book gift every month. There are also options for adults in genres like thriller, mystery, memoir, romance, and more. For children, the options begin on board and in picture books and extend to the reading level for young adults.

Magazines: Indianapolis Monthly, indianapolismonthly.com

From: 50 cents per month

If you spend $ 24 for $ 24, can you blame us for making a shameless plug?