2021 Indianapolis 3 Fantasy Supercross Tips (8 Quick Facts)

2021 Indianapolis 3 Fantasy Supercross Tips (8 Quick Facts)

The 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series is getting clearer with the results in Indianapolis 2. However, choosing the top 5 is not synonymous with being in the correct order. I got four of the top 5 on I2 right, but none of them were spot on. This is not good for points in the Fantasy Supercross Leagues from RMFantasySX.com. Saturday is another opportunity to lead the board. So let’s look at the numbers.2021 Indianapolis 3 Supercross Fantasy Tips - Ken RoczenKen Roczen1. Ken Roczen has proven to be the dominant force in the Monster Energy Supercross. Roczen has more wins, podiums and top 5 than any other driver. He now has two wins in a row at Lucas Oil Stadium and his I2 win was a heavy blow to his rivals. Roczen led every lap and his lead was over 11 seconds late in the main event. It’s hard to pick someone other than Roczen to win 3 at Indianapolis on Saturday and build their 13-point lead in the overall standings.2021 Indianapolis 3 Supercross Fantasy Tips - Eli TomacEli Tomac2. Cooper Webb and Eli Tomac are your next two podiums. Each of the two drivers has reached the top 5 in the last four laps. However, Tomac has three podiums compared to two for Webb. More importantly, Tomac has beaten Webb in three of the last four main events. Given this statistic, I have Tomac for P2 and Webb for P3 at Indy 3.2021 Indianapolis 3 Supercross Fantasy Tips - Cooper WebbCooper Webb3. Look for Justin Barcia and Adam Cianciarulo to round out the I3 Top 5. Barcia and Cianciarulo each have three top five this year but are inconsistent. The important thing is that outside of the five drivers that I have identified as the top 5 drivers, no other driver has achieved more than a single top 5 result this year. I give Barcia the edge as he has a win and two podiums while Cianciarulo has a lone podium at Houston 3.Justin Barcia4. The next six drivers in the overall standings – Dylan Ferrandis, Malcolm Stewart, Zach Osborne, Marvin Musquin, Aaron Plessinger and Justin Brayton in that order – all have a top five. Only Brayton, Ferrandis and Musquin from that group made the podium this year, but they didn’t look particularly good at Indy. Ferrandis went 6-9 so he almost put his head in the top 5 while Musquin did a 13-10-11 run. Brayton has not been a top 5 threat in his last three main events. Plessinger could be a repeat top 5 driver as he completes a 7-9-5 run that is in the stadium. Osborne has gone 9-5-7 in the last three races so he is under discussion. Malcolm Stewart started the season 5-7-6 but is 11-10 in Indianapolis.5. The wild card for Indianapolis 3 is P14. The best players are Mártin Dávalos, who was 16-15-14 years old for the last three races, and Broc Tickle (17-14-12). Benny Bloss (P13 at I2) and Kyle Chisholm (P15 at I2) are also worth a look. There were five different P14s in five races. You may want to select some that are not yet done in P14. If so, Bloss is your choice. I’ll go with Dávalos, but I’ll be upset if Bloss gets it.Adam Cianciarulo6. These are my 2021 Indianapolis 3 Fantasy Supercross Tips:

  1. Ken Roczen
  2. Eli Tomac
  3. Cooper Webb
  4. Justin Barcia
  5. Adam Cianciarulo

Wild Card (P14): Mártin Dávalos7. Right now I’m in the top 20 percent of RMFantasyMX.com players – definitely not up to my goal.8. How to watch Indy 3: Check out our Supercross TV schedule for 2021. Photograph by Ryne Sandberg, Feld Entertainment, et al2021 Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series ranking (after 5 of 17 rounds)

  1. Ken Roczen, 112 points (2 wins, 4 podiums, 5 top 5)
  2. Cooper Webb, 99 (1 W, 2 P, 4 T5)
  3. Eli Tomac, 98 (1 W, 3 P, 4 T5)
  4. Justin Barcia, 92 points (1 F, 2 P, 3 T5)
  5. Adam Cianciarulo, 87 (1P, 3 T5)
  6. Dylan Ferrandis, 76 (1P, 1 T5)
  7. Malcolm Stewart, 63 (1 T5)
  8. Zach Osborne, 74 (1 T5)
  9. Marvin Musquin, 73 (1P, 1 T5)
  10. Aaron Plessinger, 70 (1 T5)
  11. Justin Brayton, 63 (1P, 1 T5)
  12. Joey Savatgy, 53
  13. Jason Anderson, 50
  14. Broc Tickle, 42
  15. Dean Wilson, 35
  16. Martin Davalos, 29
  17. Kyle Chisholm, Jan.
  18. Benny Bloss, 26
  19. Vince Friese, 25
  20. Brandon Hartranft, Jan.
  21. Justin Bogle, 17
  22. Chase Sexton, Jan.
  23. Alex Ray, 9
  24. Carlen Gardner, 7th
  25. Adam Enticknap, 4
  26. Austin Politelli, 3rd
  27. Cade Clason, 2nd