2021 Indianapolis 500 is expected to have massive attendance

2021 Indianapolis 500 is expected to have massive attendance

The Indianapolis 500 will take place in late May and will be the largest sporting event in the world since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020. The race is set to allow 135,000 fans when it takes place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May 30. The track can accommodate a total of 400,000 fans, which puts participation in the 2021 race at 40% capacity. The “Snake Pit” of the infield will be closed and no traditional concerts will be held.

“This event and location means so much to everyone we see and hear from every day, whether they are Hoosiers or racing fans from around the world,” said Mark Miles, President and CEO of Penske Entertainment Corp. ., across from The Associated Press. “We are really committed to protecting this legacy, building it up and running the race.” We are ready to take the next step to get the economy going again, and much of it in this city and this one State is powered by sporting events that has been shut down for so many months. March Madness has been incredibly successful, this is the next step and the simple fact is that this is likely to be the biggest sporting event of the year. “

The race will be like the 2020 version in the sense that the fans present will have to wear face covers. You will also need to undergo temperature checks when entering the track, and fans can also get a COVID-19 vaccination if they wish. Milles believes 60% of the people who attend the Indianapolis 500 will be vaccinated.

“Roger Penske and everyone at Penske Entertainment and Indianapolis Motor Speedway have been incredible partners throughout the pandemic,” said Eric Holcomb, Indiana governor. “It is high time for the fans to return to the world’s largest motor speedway with this safety plan.”

This year’s attendance was determined after Indianapolis hosted the NCAA basketball tournament for men with limited attendance from March to April. More and more sporting events are allowing for larger numbers of fans as the Alabama Crimson Tide soccer team had 47,218 fans for their spring soccer game. Texas Rangers had over 37,000 to start at home earlier this month, and an Australian rules cricket match in Melbourne drew 51,723 fans in March.