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Dallas Security Camera Installation

Dec 31

The DFW access control office offers a solid solution to building security upgrades and replacing old key entry systems. Advanced access keys can reduce these risks.

Dallas Security Camera Installation is more than just a lock and unlocks the system. Our system allows for seamless control of all entry points in the facility. We can provide access control systems in Dallas TX for any size business, no matter how small or large. We can either install a standalone/single-door access control system or a hosted and managed access control program depending on your requirements.

We also offer other safety solutions such as intrusion detectors and video surveillance.

  • You have the ability to control access to specific areas or the entire facility.
  • You have the option to restrict access to specific areas of your building.
  • Access is restricted to cardholders who are
  • Open/close doors using your smartphone.
  • Automation saves time and manual labor.

Access control systems allow you to grant access to certain areas of your building. You can choose to have single or multiple doors.

Texas Access Controls Companies adhere to strict standards.

Trust us by thousands of small and big businesses.

7PiXL is sensitive to your needs and offers high-quality options at a lower cost than other access Texas Dallas businesses.

Business Size Access Control System
Small-scale Business (Within Your Budget) Keypad system (card-based system or keypad system
Medium-Sized to Small Businesses IP-Based Access Control System
Large Scale Business Biometrics


Our company partners with top-of-the-line manufacturers to offer the best products and services to our clients. Clients benefit greatly from this relationship. This is because they get special discounts due to our reputation. They can save substantial money by following our strict guidelines. This includes not worrying about revenue numbers but treating customers like family.

Dallas Business Owners Use the Most Advanced Access Control Technology Ever Seen

The State has officially registered our company. Our company is also registered with the State's authorities.

We can design and install access control systems that meet your needs. This will allow you to have all the features you require and not have to pay additional for those functions.

Keep track of visitors and control entry points from anywhere you are using your smartphone