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4 Tips and Insurance Claims Advice after Storm Damage

Jan 4

If you're not regularly maintaining the property you own, your storm-damaged insurance claim might be denied by the insurance company because of your contributory negligence. In most insurance laws, you are required to take reasonable care of your property and the basic preventative maintenance of your home falls into that category. This article comes from licensed public insurance adjusters in Las Vegas and restoration experts.

These suggestions will help you prevent storm damage and ensure your insurance company covers any unexpected damage. The best advice we can give is to consult an approved public adjuster, or restorations specialist to help you identify problem areas of your home's exterior and inside to ensure that you're fully avoiding storm damage and are prepared for the possibility of any damage that is not preventable, such as those caused by extreme weatherconditions, floods, heavy hail rains and high winds.

#1 Clean Your Guts

It's not a pleasant chore, but it's incredibly important to have properly functioning gutters to avoid as much destruction from storms as you can. A gutter cleaning service is available for those who aren't able to climb an incline. Certain roofing and exterior contractors provide this service. Check your downspouts in order to ensure that they are properly drainage of water away from your foundation.

#2 Check your roof for leaks

Inspect your roof for leaks. Check flashings on roofing systems that are in close proximity to chimneys or walls to see if there are any cracks. Also, make sure you check whether there are any missing shingles. An untrained eye won't be able detect small leaks in the roof. Even minor leaks can result in major damage to your home from storms. It is essential that you employ a professional to inspect your roof to discover any problems. The majority of insurance policies require homeowners to perform basic preventative maintenance. Get a licensed roofing professional to conduct a roof inspection (most will do it for free) and ask them to complete any repairs required so that small leaks don't develop into serious damage.

Clean your gutters in order to avoid water leaks and storm damage when severe storms hit

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3. Inspect your home's Foundation for cracks, Gaps & Potential Leaks

Most homeowner's insurance policies exclude water from entering a home from the exterior. Floods can be an additional coverage alternative in another policy, if it is offered at all. Water that comes from outside may be considered to be to be a flood. While it is recommended to consult a professional to fix any leaks, you could stop water from entering your house by sealing cracks or gaps (in your foundation or around windows and doors) with siliconized exterior caulk like GE Siliconized Sealant.

#4 Examine the property for trees that could be uprooted and cause storm damage

You must inspect the trees in the vicinity of your house. Diseased or dead trees have weaker roots, and are more susceptible to being blown to the ground by the force of high winds during the storm. This can cause significant damage to your home. Have any dying, dead or weak trees in the vicinity of your property removed by an experienced professional.

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