5 Best Dance Clubs in Indianapolis, Indiana

5 Best Dance Clubs in Indianapolis, Indiana

Whether you want to drink and dance all night or just have a fun evening with your folks, the list below is definitely for you. A list of the top and trending dance clubs in Indianapolis has been compiled below. We will help you to find the perfect dance club for you in your area and we will compile your own list based on this evaluation point list. Make sure you are of legal age before going to the mentioned positions.

Indianapolis’ best dance clubs:

The top and trending dance clubs in Indianapolis are:

  • Howl at the moon Indianapolis – After the break from the pandemic, they can now open in June
  • ICON Lounge – The place where aspiring singers, rappers, live bands and DJs come together and show their talents
  • The red room – – The club’s hardwood floors are surrounded by red candlelight
  • Land sharks – – a simple dance club and already 25 years in the service
  • The patron saint – – A New Orleans-inspired basement concert venue

Howl at the Indianapolis moon

5 Best Dance Clubs in Indianapolis, Indiana ONE

Howl at the moon Indianapolis was recently talked about due to its reopening June 3-5, 2021. They are experts on the party scene as they specialize in events and gatherings in the area. They cover all the events and parties you can think of. Plus, they always have a live show that will get you playing them on the dance floor. With drinks that are as diverse as the people who come and go. They made sure there was a drink that was right for you.

The special thing about this place is the service. You don’t want to be in the club area, but still want to celebrate? Then Howl2Go is for you! This service was perfect for the pandemic, live bands and hosts all coming together to your home or preferred destination. You can feel the howl of the moon even when you are not there. Perfect for wedding receptions, birthday parties and much more.


Dance club, night club, bar, dance floor, live band, party-to-go service


Address: 20 E. Georgia St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Telephone: (317) 955 0300
Website: howlatthemoon.com/indianapolis


“What a great time with friends and great music from really talented musicians. This bar offers a large open space and terrace. The lower floor near the stage is a great place for a group of friends to get up close and personal with the action. The upper level offers plenty of bar seating and meeting places to rest after hours of dancing. Had a lot of fun! “- Cody Weikel

“Having Howl2Go at our wedding was the best decision we made! We had the whole band (2 pianos, guitarist and drummer) and they were amazing! Emily and Jordan were extremely professional and even reached out to all of my other vendors to coordinate everything so I didn’t have to act as a middleman. I got so many compliments about the band from my guests afterwards and all of my guests literally danced all night! Loved her! “- Jessica F.

ICON lounge

5 Best Dance Clubs in Indianapolis, Indiana TWO

ICON lounge prides itself on its concerts and live band shows, especially on Saturday nights. They call these events “Saturdays are ICONIC”. Usually the place is where aspiring singers, rappers, live bands and DJs come together and show off their talents. Even so, concerts on Saturdays became her specialty.

Entry usually starts at $ 20.00, but from time to time they have crazy discount offers. You can hit the dance floor or just relax in the bar. In addition, they have their own restaurant inside. You can eat while you enjoy the live band in the background. However, due to the pandemic, they practice social distancing and masks are required when you are around.


Dance club, night club, bar, dance floor, live band, concerts, restaurant


Address: 148 E Market Street Indianapolis, IN 46204
Telephone: (317) 755 1380
Website: facebook.com/iconlounge148


“A great place in downtown Indy for artists to express themselves and be heard. If you’re trying to listen to your music or just want to have fun showing off your talent, perform here on Tuesday night. You can also just chill, drink and listen to people if you are not also musically inclined. $ 5 coverage. “- Eloy Alvear

“Having more people try it is a wonderful positive platform for people like me to be heard that I love it. I appreciate all of you for these experiences – Obadiah Lee Walton

The red room

5 Best Dance Clubs in Indianapolis, Indiana THREE

Modern sophistication in terms of furnishings and ambience, but shows its wild side every night, that’s something The red room is. you got the name from their decor itself. That The hardwood floors of the room are surrounded by a red candlelight. Offering the guests an optimal atmosphere has become their trademark. You are proud of theirs Premium selection of spirits, wines and champagnes.

They have events for every occasion, party, size, and even budget. In addition, they offer a party for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 200 people. The club’s specials on Friday and Saturday nights are a dance party that features Indy’s top DJs. Wednesday night turns into salsa night curated by the Latin Expressions Dance Company. You pay for the lessons from 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m., the free salsa lessons at 8.30 p.m. and finally the dance party starts at 9 p.m.


Dance club, night club, bar, dance floor, restaurant, salsa dance lessons


Address: 6335 Guilford Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Telephone: (317) 257 1344
Website: theredroomindy.com


“I like this place because I can let go of bigger clubs or bars with less judgment or crowds. The drinks were ok but the outside area is really nice when you get tired of staying inside. They also have swings which are a great photo spot. “- Noel Scott

Land sharks

5 Best Dance Clubs in Indianapolis, Indiana FOUR

At the Land sharksThey believe that every party is in its place, a story is waiting to be told. They have been serving the night scene for 25 years. Recently on Facebook they yelled at the lovebirds who have their own little land sharks and share their land shark story. They are famous for their terrace dance floor with DJs making great music. There are also karaokes in the area for those who want to sing their hearts out.

They also host events like a golf tournament partnership called “Spring Kick-off Golf Outing 2021”. Just a golf play-off with an after-party at Landsharks. With drinks included with registration. Landsharks is just a simple dance club but stays in the heart of Indy’s 25 years and counts.


Dance club, night club, bar, dance floor, karaoke


Address: 810 Broad Ripple Ave., Broad Ripple, IN 46220
Phone: (317) 254 8157
Website: land-sharks.com


“Affordable tasty drinks! Will most likely be a regular! I definitely recommend going !! The manager Neil bought me a rumbling shot for my day, it made my night! Thanks again to LandshArks for the great sauce 🙂 ”- Anastasia Kennedy

The patron saint

5 Best Dance Clubs in Indianapolis, Indiana FIVE

The patron saint is a New Orleans-inspired concert venue in the basement. Live electronic music and concerts make you want to dance with a heartbeat. They serve alcohol and alcoholic slushies to quench thirst. Dubsteps music seems to be the area’s cult favorite, calling the day “Wubsdays” when dubstep music is highlighted.

Most of the time, the great and friendly service from the staff has been the primary focus of why the place is loved. When the battery runs out, the battery always crashes, but luckily the staff are on your back. You can charge your phone especially in an emergency. For example, you need to call the Grab / UBER driver. Although the area seems a bit small compared to most dance clubs.


Dance club, night club, bar, dance floor, concerts


Address: 250 S. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46225
Telephone: (317) 460 9416
Website: facebook.com/thepatronsaint


“Absolutely massive sound that comes out of a college basement. The patron saint offers an unforgettable experience with every visit. Excellent music selection by Slater Hogan and Nick Samaro. Thursdays is an escape from the Indianapolis norm of top 40 drudgery into the wild nights only house music can offer. If there was one bar that could change the Indianapolis music scene forever, it would surely be The Patron Saint.

Excellent and friendly staff. They feel more like family than bartenders. Do you need to charge your phone? No problem!

For everyone who will be attending, be ready to dance all night! “- Marvin Scott


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