5 best things to do in Indianapolis πŸ₯‡


5 Best Things to Do in Indianapolis

Below is a list of the must-see attractions in Indianapolis. To help you identify the top attractions near you in Indianapolis, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review score list.

Indianapolis Top Attractions:

The top rated attractions in Indianapolis include:

  • Indiana Landmarks – Promotes and promotes the preservation of historic and vintage places across the region
  • The Herron Arch I – is located on the Indiana University – Purdue University campus in Indianapolis
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument – displays military equipment and artifacts and more in a 30,000-square-foot museum
  • Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site – Maintained by a non-profit organization for the reservation of the Harrison House
  • Catacombs – Ruin and redevelopment option under the Whistler Plaza of City outdoor market

Indiana landmarks

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Indiana Landmarks promotes and promotes the preservation of historic and ancient sites throughout the region. It is a non-profit organization that helps citizens revive historical places. In addition, they save on buildings that people can enjoy today and in the future. These restored landmarks are also economic drivers. In addition, they have a regional office staff who provide visitors with helpful resources. The guests are given comprehensive information. They also host large annual conferences, camps, and tours for children. Grants and loans are also given to partners and selected attractions.


Landmarks, non-profit organization


Address: 1201 Central Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Telephone: (317) -639-4534
Website: indianalandmarks.org


Indiana sightseeing is absolutely beautiful. We used this place for our wedding ceremony and reception. It is very well maintained and the history of the building is unique. Many of our family and friends said it was the nicest places they have been for a wedding. Caitlin and Alyssa were both great to work with! Both were very helpful and professional. Both ladies helped make our wedding day go smoothly! β€œ- Sara Hartman

The Herron Arch I.

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The Herron Arch I is located on the Indiana University-Purdue University campus in Indianapolis. This sculpture was made by James Willie Faust who is a Herron alumnus. What’s more, it’s 20 feet tall and filled with brightly colored patterns on aluminum. The sculpture was part of the exhibitions for the public opening of the HerronSchool of At and Design. In addition, the sculpture shows more than thirty geometrically shaped aluminum parts. It has a geometric black and white pattern. A weather-damaged bronze plaque shows the artist, the sculpture and the title.


Landmark, sculpture


Address: 735 West New York Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Telephone: (317) -278-9400
Website: herron.iupui.edu


“Nice sculpture.” – Harry W.

Soldiers and sailors memorial

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The Soldiers and Sailors Monument displays military equipment and artifacts and much more in a 30,000-square-foot museum. The museum houses the National Headquarters of the Americal Legion. This is the largest veterans organization in the world. In addition, they recall the story of the victim of the United States Armed Forces. It is also an honor for the Hoosier veterans and Indiana’s role when the nation is in conflict. In addition, there are 25 acres of monuments and statues throughout the region. There are also three parks and four fountains that add to the aesthetic of the area. A gift shop has trinkets to commemorate the visits.


Sights, war memorial


Address: 1 Monument Cir, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Telephone: (317) -232-7615
Website: in.gov/iwm


β€œI love visiting this monument all year round. I especially enjoy this memorial at Christmas when the lights are on. Over the weekend of the Indy 500, they put on a great light and audio show projected onto the buildings in the downtown area. This show gave the story of the 500, a staple of Indianapolis culture and history. β€œ- Rachel Martin

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

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Benjamin Harrison’s presidential page is maintained by a Harrison home reservations nonprofit. It also displays collections and grounds as a memorial to the nation’s only president from Indiana. In addition, the museum is open to the public for historical and educational purposes. Their annual exhibits showcase the unique artifact and business related to the President. There are also collections from art and sculpture to architecture and ornaments. In addition, there are some private correspondence and documents that are viewed with great care. His life is also well curated and presented extensively.


Sights, museum


Address: 1230 N Delaware St, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Telephone: (317) -631-1888
Website: bhpsite.org


β€œI’ve been to 7 presidential houses, this was one of the better tours. I felt like I really learned a lot about the time, his family and the president. Anyone driving through Indianapolis should do this tour. The house really gave us a unique look at the time span. β€œ- Tina Artega


5 Best Attractions in Indianapolis 5

Catacombs us a ruin and redevelopment option under the Whistler Plaza of City outdoor market. It’s a Roman-looking area made of brick arches. In addition, it is the only standing structure from the Tomlinson Hall after it was burned in January 1958. In addition, there are edge vaults that define the atmosphere of the area. Tours are offered on selected dates. The tour takes 20 minutes to explore and share the shops of two historic buildings. It’s a unique experience for people who want to learn more about Indiana history.


Landmark, underground


Address: 222 E Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: ((317) -639-4534
Website: indianalandmarks.org/tours-events/ongoing-tours-events/city-market-catacombs-tour


I enjoyed the tour. It’s nothing special or amazing, but it makes me think that I’m going to a place that not many know is there as it is above you. β€œ- TJ Hart


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