5 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Indianapolis, IN🥇

The Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Indianapolis, IN

Below is a list of the best and premier Vietnamese restaurants in Indianapolis, IN. To help you find the best Vietnamese restaurants near you in Indianapolis, IN, we have compiled our own list this evaluation point list.

Indiana’s best Vietnamese restaurants:

The top rated Vietnamese restaurants in Indianapolis, IN are:

  • Saigon restaurant – Highly recognized Vietnamese restaurant
  • Chao Vietnamese street food – Guaranteed fresh and healthy meals
  • Pho Real – highly acclaimed lawyers with exceptional reviews
  • Spring roll number 1 – Highly rated Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant
  • King wok – serves the best spring rolls

Saigon restaurantaffordable Vietnamese restaurants in Indianapolis, IN

Saigon restaurant is a family owned Vietnamese restaurant. It is run by Vietnamese immigrants and offers an extensive and authentic selection of food. From phos, egg rolls and spring rolls to soups to fried meat and pasta, you will never run out of compliments. In addition, their service comes highly recommended. They serve quickly, warmly and always in a good mood. The restaurant is cleaned regularly and is in good condition. In addition, they are located in an area with sufficient parking space. Now browse the menu and choose your choice!

Vietnamese cuisine


Address: 4706 W 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254
Phone: 317-927-7270
Website: saigonindianapolis.com


“We lived in Southeast Asia for 7 years and eating here is like traveling back to Vietnam or Thailand … so authentic and delicious. Peter is a wonderful and friendly host. The Rocket Shrimp is the best! My husband always get Pho … it’s the best! Worth the trip. “- Elisabeth Bloomquist

Pho 21

authentic Vietnamese restaurants in Indianapolis, IN

Pho 21 offers over 96 dishes and a variety of beverages. Founded in 2018, they serve Indy with their signature Pho dish. If you’ve been to Southeast Asia, you must have heard the locals beat their hearts and even sing with them at karaokes on the streets. Fortunately, Pho 21 has its own soundproof karaoke room! Relive your memories and bring your friends with you! There is also air hockey, table football and table tennis. Enjoy how you want. Be it while eating, karaoke or playing. Visit them now!

Vietnamese cuisine, juice bar, smoothies, catering, karaoke room


Address: 8134 E 21st St Indianapolis, IN 46219
Phone: (317) 438-5353
Website: pho21indy.com


“Yasssss! A photo near our house! Unfortunately no dine-in at the moment. So much more fun eating pho dining! Cant wait to come back when they open again for dinner. In the meantime, we’ve been taken out instead. I was so excited when I saw they had Banh Beo !! It is a Vietnamese special dish made from rice flour. Whenever I see a Vietnamese restaurant serving either Banh Beo or Bun Bo Hue it is usually a good tell-tale sign that the food is real !!! We ordered the Pho 21 Special and Pho Ga (Chicken). Both were great! We will definitely come back to try more! The prices were reasonable too. Banh Beo was good too! “- Ang L.

Pho Real

Top Vietnamese Restaurants in Indianapolis, IN

Pho Real is a family run restaurant serving Southeast Asian cuisine. Using local and imported ingredients, they work hard to offer authentic Vietnamese, Laotian and Thai cuisine. Their dishes start at $ 4.25 with a small bowl of tom yum soup. It can go as high as $ 14.25 with their tropical fried rice mix. If you want something in between, you can come for their lunch specials, which are priced at $ 8.99. You can choose from red curry, green curry, pud bai gaprow, and a variety of fried noodles including crowd-pleaser pad Thai.

Vietnamese, Laotian and Thai cuisine


Address: 9611 N College Ave Indianapolis, IN 46280
Phone: (317) 853-8046
Website: phorealindy.com


“So good! So fresh and great lunch menus for 8.99. Comes with soup or salad and a large portion. Our favorites are the fried basil rice and all Pad Thai dishes.” – Jane B.

Spring roll number 1

affordable Vietnamese restaurants in Indianapolis, IN

Spring roll number 1 serves Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. They were voted one of the best Asian restaurants in Indy in 2019. For photo lovers, you can choose from 15 different types. Additionally, lunch is $ 5.99. With this you can choose between egg drops, hot and sour soup, 2 crab rangoon or egg rolls, fried rice and fortune cookie. The Vietnamese menu starts at $ 5.49, the most expensive at $ 12.99 for a Mi Xao Don. Take a look at this shop now!

Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine


Address: 4540 S Emerson Ave Indianapolis, IN 46203
Phone: (317) 787-2225
Website: eggroll1.com


“The best photo I had outside of Vietnam! Maybe the best photo I’ve ever had!

Everything is consistently good here. Portions are generous. They also take every precaution to keep the restaurant clean and safe during the Covid. One of my favorite places in Indy! “- Bridget J.

King wok

best Pho restaurants in Indianapolis, IN

King wok has served authentic Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese dishes since 2002. With his main cook, a Vietnamese, you can certainly conjure up tasty dishes. As a result, their photo and feather reels are rated as one of the best in the region. These start at $ 8.99 and $ 4.00, respectively. Additionally, lunch is $ 5.99. More expensive dishes are listed among the specials, which start at $ 14.99. Delicious and affordable dishes, cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. What more can you ask for? Book your reservation now!

Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese cuisine


Address: 4150 Lafayette Rd Indianapolis, IN 46254
Phone: (317) 295-8090
Website: kingwokindy.com


“King Wok is my go-to for Pho. Ideal for hangovers and cold winter days! They also take away and separate the broth and pasta so you can easily heat the broth when you get home. Their spring rolls are bombs too. “- Jen K.


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