A handful of intriguing edge defenders that could go well with Indianapolis Colts

A handful of intriguing edge defenders that could go well with Indianapolis Colts

It’s been a pretty quiet time for free agencies, but that could change for the Indianapolis Colts in the coming days if you want to read head coach Frank Reich’s comments on Wednesday.

During a press conference introducing new quarterback Carson Wentz, Reich stated that the Colts are “working” on the fringes, according to a tweet from reporter George Bremer.

As of Wednesday night, there were still a handful of Edge defenders left to pique the Colts’ interest. Let’s examine the top 5 remaining Edge defenders and their fit for the Colts.

Melvin Ingram

The 31-year-old former first round winner with three Pro Bowl nods in his name comes to the open market with injuries a year after his injury and played in just seven games in 2020.

Ingram was previously associated with the Colts.

After knee injury in 2020, Ingram’s value in the market could fall in the $ 8 million to $ 10 million range. A versatile model, he’s more than just a pass rusher who has had double-digit one-offs against losses four times in the past six seasons.

Of those still in the open market, Ingram should be Chris Ballard’s first choice.

Jadeveon Clowney

The former # 1 overall standings have been a relative disappointment over the past two years in Seattle and Tennessee, with only three sacks and 76 total pressures recorded over the same period.

Even so, Clowney plays the run well and has a history of proven ability to be a one-man wreck crew. He could be a solid addition to a line of defense where the likes of DeForest Buckner and Grover Stewart tie blocks inside and open Clowney for one-on-one fights outside.

However, with two consecutive bad seasons, Ballard and the Colts would be wise not to deal with disappointments the previous top pick was likely to bring in 2021.

Justin Houston

If the Colts want to go the familiar route, they should call 32-year-old Houston and let him run back for another year or two.

Although Houston’s pressure fell sharply in 2020, the veteran was still producing eight sacks for the Colts.

He’s not quite the Run Defender he once was and doesn’t have the breakout he had at the start of his career, but he knows the system and has still produced at a reasonable level in 2020. One could imagine he would have to come back with a lower cap hit than he had in the last two years.

That could make him more attractive to Ballard and the Colts in the free agency when other teams are spending a lot of money.

Carlos Dunlap

The only reason Dunlap is in the open market is because of the Seahawks’ cap issues.

At 32, Dunlap can still play at a high level. The veteran still has a few good years to go and could offer a solid, well-rounded option at the end of the defensive when it comes to pass rushing and run defense. Dunlap is just a year away from a dominant 2019, with an impressive 89.7 overall rating from Pro Football Focus, including a career-best defense rating of 89.0 and a solid rush rating of 77.8.

The former Bengals and Seahawk could prove to be a bargain in the free hand for Ballard and the Colts. He likes to play on both sides of a 4-3 front, defends the run well and consistently causes disruptions in the backfield.

He just feels like a Colt.

Ryan Kerrigan

Would it make sense to bring the Indiana native Muncie home cheaply for a year or two?

Even though Kerrigan lost his starting job at Chase Young and Montez Sweat in Washington, he can still play at a relatively productive level.

The veteran took fewer than 400 snapshots last season and still collected 16 prints and a total of six sacks. While nowhere near what it was during its heyday in the country’s capital, it was able to handle a heavy workload at the start of the season as the Colts may be trying to work on the sidelines in an uplift.

While there might be some frustrations with Ballard and the Colts staying patient and waiting for the free agency’s bonanza at the start of the new league year, there are still plenty of veteran pass rushers in the free agency who fit exactly what they’re after Colts looking, and that might come to a bargain basket price tag.

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