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Che Chori, Misfit, and More - Indianapolis Monthly

You won’t want to miss out on Che Chori’s Argentinian chorizo, burger, and beef sandwiches.

Painted in A dramatic shade of chilli pepper red, an Argentinian restaurant and fresh meat counter Che Chori is hard to miss on the busy stretch of West 16th Street. The owners Marcos and Laura Perera are real estate investors who couldn’t resist the small building adjacent to the speedway, which was originally built as a double passageway for a rally. Another type of take-away cuisine is on the menu: the meaty street vendor food that Marcos ate in his native Argentina.

Che Chori (slated to open next month) has chorizo-laced burgers topped with ham, eggs and cheese, while Milanese sandwiches with chicken, pork and beef are made from French baguettes. Marcos hopes Indy diners will also become familiar with Argentina’s signature choripan, a homemade sausage with butterflies wrapped in a warm bun and topped with chimichurri – a sandwich for the people that is commonly served outside of sporting events and even offered at the political level Rallies. “Everywhere you go you will have choripan,” says Marcos. 3124 W. 16th St.