A Technicolor Party at Baby & More – Indianapolis monthly

A Technicolor Party at Baby & More - Indianapolis monthly

The recap of this week’s hottest food news this week.

Babies (2147 N. Talbott St., 317-931-1343) is hosting an Indy 500 bash with the help of Miami DJs Deanne and Pride, collectively known as Sweet Spot Nightlife. Specializing in technicolor themed dance parties with literally dancing unicorns, the couple encourage the night owls to dress in the most flashy ensemble they have. Since the Pride Parade and Festival aren’t happening this year, you can get the Pride vibes in classes. This is a great opportunity to feel those vibes on May 30th from 5pm to 10pm

Pana donuts recently opened a third location in Hamilton County. The Donuts-meets-Boba Cafe has just completed its final Fishers location on 96th Street after the second location on 86th Street was successful.

Love grip (877 Massachusetts Ave., 317-384-1102) has created a new website with an option to order online. You can even grab one of the tables in the alley around the corner and then order and pay with the QR code placed on each table. Love Handle brings out your food for you and creates the atmosphere of an outdoor picnic without having to cook, pack, lug or wash.

Now there are Brood X cicadas everywhere, from local logs to local news. You can get even closer to the invading insects – and eventually test the rumor that they taste like shrimp. Bloomington Group “All creatures yum!“Runs a festival-style event (which also includes a briefing and many non-insect eating options) from June 4th to 19th. Favorite eatery, Le Petit Cafe in Bloomington, is one of those restaurants that signed up to make some cicada desserts. It’s a golden opportunity to create delicious – or gross, we don’t know – memories.

Punch Bowl Social (120 S Meridian St., 317-249-8613) is reopening after closing at the start of the pandemic and shedding 91 jobs. The national arcade / restaurant concept, which opted not to offer take-out or curb service, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December. Punch Bowl Social had 20 locations operating before the pandemic and appears to be on the right track To be able to reopen at least 15 of those 20 locations.