Burger King brings back the fans’ favorite menu item – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

  Burger King brings back the fans' favorite menu item - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

(CNN) – Burger King brings back crown-shaped chicken nuggets after a 10-year absence, the newest nostalgia game in the highly competitive fast food industry.

The “fan favorite” nuggets, which were removed from the menu in 2011, are returning at the request of Burger King customers. Burger King fans started a petition for their return that attracted more than 2,000 signatures. The chain’s Twitter account also regularly teases its followers about their reappearance.

They’re not coming back nationwide, however: the crown-shaped nuggets will be on sale in 25 Miami locations for a limited time, priced at $ 1.49 for 10 nuggets. Burger King said fans should “stay tuned for additional information on a possible nationwide launch.”

Similar to the normal nuggets, the crown-shaped nuggets are made of white meat with a crispy coating. The crown shape makes it “perfect for dipping in,” says the chain.

Chicken prices have risen lately as demand has increased, in part due to the ongoing fried chicken sandwich wars. KFC recently admitted that the “main challenge” for its new sandwich is keeping up with demand.

Nostalgia is important to Burger King. A new logo and packaging were unveiled earlier this year, paying tribute to the brand’s 64-year history. Sales have tended to lag behind when compared to competitors, and the chain is hoping the refreshed look will make eaters return.

And chicken nuggets are important to the bottom line of fast food: McDonald’s increased sales last year with a spicy version – the first new McNugget flavor in the US since 1983. The burger chain also brought Hi-C Orange after almost four years. Drinks back absence of soda fountains according to fans’ demands.