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  Burger King Debuts French Fry Sandwich;  Wendy is not impressed - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

(CNN) – Burger chains have come a long way and now offer a wide range of options for everyone regardless of your dietary preferences.

Take the meatless whopper. It turned heads and made the taste buds curious.

Now Burger King has introduced the Chip Butty, a patty-free sandwich with french fries, mayonnaise and ketchup sandwiched between two rolls.

The inspiration for the new sandwich came from a happy “culinary accident” with one of the chain’s chefs, as Burger King New Zealand announced on its Facebook page earlier this month. With this accident came the idea for the Chip Butty and the Chip Butty with Bacon.

It’s currently only available to New Zealand customers for $ 2 ($ 1.27), and it’s unclear if it will hit other markets in the future.

While this concept is new to Burger King, the patty-free sandwich isn’t new. Chip buttys have been around for years and they are widely available in fish and chip stores in the UK and Ireland. Ingredients include mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese, hot sauce, and malt vinegar, as desired.

The good folks at social media have eaten up the concept of Burger King and flooded Twitter with opinions and comments. Some skeptical, others fascinated. But perhaps the most notable reaction came from none other than one of Burger King’s rivals.

Wendy wasted little time casting shadows and tweeting, “If literally anything on a bun was better than her beef.”

And the insults didn’t stop there. As more people replied to the Twitter thread, Wendy reappeared in the conversation for more thrusts.

Burger King has not yet replied to all of the comments.