Certain Feelings, Ramp Season, and More – Indianapolis Monthly

Certain Feelings, Ramp Season, and More - Indianapolis Monthly

Certain feelingsThe coffee counter for the people who brought you Provider and Coat Check (and Landlocked and Heartbreaker and Strange Bird) is finally open in The Garage. With their elegant modbar setup they are easy to find under a bright pink neon sign and easy to smell when the silky smooth espresso emerges from their Formula 1 espresso machine.

Plainfield gem Milk & honey bakery announced last week that it will finally close its doors on April 11th. The French-style bakery serves classics like croissants and macarons.

Good mexican is ready to roll in his new and improved food truck and will be bringing him to Urban Vines Wine in Westfield from May 1st from 5pm to 8pm. The little outfit has hurled tacos, tortas, nachos, esquites, and other Mexican favorites for more than a year now, having mastered the pandemic with a lot of hard work and making the most of their signature table slots.

Black Cat Bakery Take your vegan dessert orders now with your Snake Oil Roasters coffee. Pick up your vegan goodies this Saturday, April 10th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Indy Urban Hardwood (and take home a handcrafted locally sourced sausage board during your stay). Orders close on Thursday, April 8th at 7pm

Cardinal spirits launched a single salt straight whiskey last week, one of the few Scottish-style spirits made with un-smoked Indiana single malt whiskey. It is distilled from 100 percent Indiana barley malt from Sugar Creek Malt Co in Lebanon, matured for three years in Cardinal bourbon barrels and produced entirely on-site at Cardinal (hence the name “Resident Bird Series”). You can only get them at the distillery for $ 50 per pop, with a maximum of two per person.

Levi McClish, a former barista at Marion Abbey, has opened a one-man espresso machine service company in Fort Wayne. This is a huge win for fans of McClish’s Instagram account, which features pictures of key espresso machines that were taken apart before and after they were taken. and advice on cleaning and maintenance.

It is Ramp seasonThis means that your favorite gourmet foods to buy and order will have accumulated on the coveted wild leek. Of course, Goose the Market is the first in the books available in store this Thursday. If you plan to feed them yourself, make sure you cut off the ramps at the bottom so that the roots, which can take up to seven years to establish, can grow more ramps over the next year.