Contractors are almost completed clearing snow on the again streets of Indianapolis

Contractors have nearly finished clearing snow from Indianapolis side streets

After heavy snowfall earlier this week in Marion County, DPW stopped 100 contractor plows to clear 3,000 lane miles of roads.

INDIANAPOLIS – Contractors hired by the city to plow Marion County’s back roads are almost ready, leaving at least one center lane cleared for passage

A public works department spokesman said the contractors in the townships of Pike, Washington, Decatur and Franklin will be ready by late Friday afternoon.

Those in the Lawrence and Wayne townships had roughly half of the streets allotted to them completed, while the back streets in the Center, Warren and Perry townships were expected to be ready by late Saturday morning.

The city was bombarded with calls after the first significant snowfall in several years fell up to 30 cm above Indianapolis

As a rule, DPW crews take care of the main roads in the city. Two providers have signed a contract to clear the so-called “residential connections”, streets that lead residents from the districts to the main streets.

(1/3) Overnight, 100 additional contracted plow wagons were mobilized for all townships to cope with more than 3,000 lane miles of public residential roads that had not previously been plowed as part of the connector network. ❄️????

Our crews thank you very much for your patience. Http://

– Indy Snow Force (@IndySnowForce) February 19, 2021

In the past, back roads weren’t in the mix, but given the amount of snow falling and screaming from angry residents, the city decided to hire 100 plows from contractors to clear 3,000 road miles of back roads. DPW put the cost at 1.5 million US dollars.