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The final round of a three-part collaboration between two hot lifestyle brands goes up for sale today at noon. The first two rounds sold out quickly. And we’re gone!

Editor’s Note: The collection is sold out, but due to demand, staff will replenish their inventory of weekender backpacks, tote bags, double kits and wallets. You can now pre-order on the WDRFA website until Sunday, July 26th.

Last weekend, the second part of a three-part collaboration series between the lifestyle brands We Don’t Run From Adversity (WDRFA) and the men’s clothing manufacturer James Dant started. It’s been two years since Mike Gillis and Gary Patterson of WDRFA and Tommy Dant launched a quickly sold out spring collection called “We”, which consists of lightweight jackets and Indiana State Bird embroidered T-shirts. This time around, they have teamed up to create a line of luxury travel accessories designed and manufactured with LM Leather Goods of Indiana. “We wanted to really get creative to come up with an even better product and concept than the first time,” said Patterson.

The three-part release began on July 10th with the introduction of a culture bag. The bag’s waxed canvas and leather features not only make it durable, but also look sharp, for all of your on-the-go needs. Ultra-soft black and cream t-shirts with Indianapolis longitude coordinates and the words “Alliance over Reliance” were also available. These items are sold out immediately. Next, similarly designed tote bags and wallets came onto the market on July 17th, but the perfect all-rounder for commuting to or from work was also sold out. Visit the WDRFA website on Friday, July 24th at 12:00 p.m. to see the final release, the cornerstone of the collection – the travel bag to backpack, $ 350.

With a similar ethos, the collaboration between Gillis and Dant easily came to be with their shared love of quality and storytelling – but different followers. Trying to bring the two foundations together and spread that love came naturally and has expanded her creativity and versatility. From the speed at which this stuff flies off the shelves, it’s clear that people react just as wildly to the second round of their collaboration as they did to their first – the collection inspires wanderlust near and far.