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  Treat yourself to grand gestures during the

February is the month of love. But this year will be like no other. Let’s face it – it’s been tough … we’re still in the pandemic, it’s winter, the list goes on. National lifestyle expert Dayvee Sutton shares ideas on how to put yourself first. It’s time to love yourself!

Make a grand gesture for yourself
A great way to self-medicate is to send yourself a subscription box of your favorite things.
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Take the time to do a beauty routine
Dermatologists have long recognized the benefits of skin care as self care.
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Do nothing
Take a mental health break by using something like the Calm app.

It’s time to love yourself
Treat yourself to grand gestures

• Go on a solo trip – the best solution if you choose to travel during the pandemic but also have a ton of benefits.

• Make time for a beauty routine – self-care is not selfish! And a simple routine doesn’t have to break the bank, it will have a world full of differences.

• Invest in something unique and meaningful – it can be tangible or intangible. But having something of value can be beneficial in the long run.

• Do nothing – What this really means is a mental health break. How often do you sit down and allow yourself to do absolutely nothing?

About Dayvee:
Dayvee Sutton is a two-time journalist who has received a National Emmy Award. He is a sought-after TV lifestyle and travel expert and the expert on breaking news. It also covers the environment.

Dayvee is the presenter of the adventure travel series “Beyond the Usual” and produces storytelling films on YouTube and other sales outlets.

You can follow their adventures on social media: @dayveesutton