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Diamonds 101: All About Diamond Pendants

Sep 1

Having quality diamond pendants are a staple of any girl's jewelry wardrobe and this article is going to profile a few of the different types today

So a diamond pendant is just about as classic as it gets there are a couple of different ways to set a diamond solitaire pendant you can have your classic prong setting, three-prong four-prong there's the bezel setting which is a really beautiful and kind of highlights the color metal that's being used.

 There's also the halo which would be very popular and a good way to incorporate color with some diamonds solitaire pendants can be done with stones as small as five pointers and going all the way up to as many carats. 

As you can imagine this is a really popular way to repurpose an old piece of jewelry so let's say you have a family heirloom or what I did was I lost one of my stud earrings so I used the other one to make a necklace

 If you have any loose stones sitting around it's a really easy project and I would say this could run anywhere from $300- to $500 so it's a fun and easy way to incorporate something that's sitting around in your drawer and make it something you use all the time.

 A diamond pendant can be done in any shape so of course, you know me I'm a heart girl so I have a diamond heart solitaire we can do round cushion emerald cut birthstone anything that you can think of can be set into a very simple dainty butterfly pendant or even an Initial pendant necklace.

 One thing I love to do is use a round shape for example but put it in a funky halo shape we used a hexagon-shaped with a round center stone so it totally transforms the look of that stone and makes it feel really different and unique.

 Another fun thing we do we took 16 a cluster of diamonds that from far away looks like one big stone but when you're looking up close it's actually sort of a flower shape. When thinking about the quality of your diamond pendants I think you need to throw out the logic from an engagement ring.

However, unlike diamond studs, it is something that other people can see it's sort of at eye level so you want to avoid anything that's going to have visible inclusions.

 So it doesn't necessarily have to be the highest color grid but just something that sparkles and looks really bright.  Keep in mind that the metal color you set the stone in can sort of effect what color the stone looks like so if you're going with a high color stone you probably want to stick with white gold

For the chain length just think about how you're going to wear it is this something you want to sort of anchor as a short piece that you're adding longer pieces too or is this gonna be the only necklace you're wearing. Then you may want it to hit like a little bit lower on your neck for me I wear my solitaire kind of tight and shorten it almost as a choker but one thing you can ask your jeweler to do is add adjustable rings in the back and that way you have the option to make it longer or shorter depending on whatshirt or other pieces you're wearing with it.

Diamond pendants make a great everyday piece it's something that you can leave on all the time layer with add on to and if you do have stones sitting around that you're doing nothing with this is an easy transformation that you can then get a ton of use out of without investing a lot of money.

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