Do the Indianapolis Colts have any likelihood of stopping the glowing Buffalo Payments?

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Terez Paylor & Charles Robinson preview Saturday’s wildcard game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills. Is there any hope for the Colts to stop the hottest team in the league? If so, Indianapolis only has to look back a year on Tennessee’s playoff win over the Baltimore Ravens to find the blueprint.

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TEREZ PAYLOR: Here is a game that is going to be interesting. Indianapolis Colts at the Buffalo Bills. This game is fascinating in many different ways. Let’s start with the Colts’ offense first. We talked about the inevitable Philip Rivers interception in the playoffs this season. And it’s kind of a preparation for it.

But there is one scenario where they don’t and it starts with them being able to run football effectively. As if they could find a way to play the ball with Jonathan Taylor who got the ball about 20 times per game and who looks really great. He looks great, you know, that will take a lot of pressure off Rivers. And there is a scenario in which they can win this game.

You know I think the Colts need to cut it short man. I think they have to, I think they have to play football and then you have to get Josh Allen to go the length of the field. And they’re almost prepared for it because it’s a tough zone team, the Tampa two. You know, they play zone a lot anyway. As if there was a scenario here where Buffalo could lose to this soccer team if he didn’t make it. But I certainly think that the bills are preferred. And you know Josh Allen has gotten to the point where I have a hard time believing he’s going to play bad enough to lose a game like this in the playoffs at this point.

CHARLES ROBINSON: It’s funny because a year ago I was sitting here looking at the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens and thinking, yeah, the Titans will be put up. As if they were letting this Ravens team knock the brakes off. And what happened after that? Tennessee came out, they ran the soccer ball, they controlled the pace, they didn’t let Lamar Jackson walk around the field all the time. You foiled this offense.

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And I don’t think the Colts are as good as the Tennessee team. However, I think, as you said, there are some tenets of this crime that have changed along the way and become more run-oriented, protecting Philip Rivers a bit. I think there are some renters out there who are similar to the Colts, which the Titans were able to aggressively do last year to frustrate a team we all thought were exponentially better.

I would be surprised if the bills didn’t come out and the bills for me are the scariest team in the playoffs for anyone including Kansas City. I’m sure Kansas City is sitting there and going, man you know, yeah, when we pick a team that we really don’t want to face right now, the bills are full, they’re having fun, they, ‘I’m easy going.

TEREZ PAYLOR: You have a playful quarterback.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Game making quarterback with a huge arm. They can run it when they want to run it. You have a dynamic wide-angle receiver. You have a coach that the team will run through a wall for. That is a lot. So I wouldn’t pick Indianapolis in this game. But when I saw what Jonathan Taylor did on the track and how it affected the offense and how good it is to really control a pace game and wear the teams down a bit, my mind changed a bit about that whether the Colts might run into a problem or not Hot Ass Team and just really slow everything down.