Episode 11 – Indianapolis Month-to-month

Episode 11 - Indianapolis Monthly

Hello HGTV fans! Thank you for stopping by for another roundup of Season 5 of Good Bones. This week, although it looked and sounded a lot like last week, was a new episode – Affordable Artist House in Garfield Park. The same recapper – I’m Megan Fernandez, and I often write about houses for Indianapolis Monthly. My pals Kristin Sims and Josh Cox are also back, working on this month’s cover story with Indy’s favorite homes. Josh’s house even made the cut.

This week, HGTV audiences saw the Tube Factory arts center in Garfield Park on Cottage Becomes an Artistic Oasis. The subway is operated by Big Car Collaborative, the same group behind the Artist and Public Life Residency program that Two Chicks worked with on renovations this week and last. Indy has never looked cooler on TV than on the subway. But first an Indy reference when Mina thinks of the old Broad Ripple store Artsy Fartzy in this episode.

Good bones “Cottage becomes an artistic oasis”Photo by Madison Mascare

Josh: I had never heard of it before. And just like Karen, my brain went straight to fart jokes. Did any of you notice that your power appeared to be off in the first section of the home inspection? Maybe this was the third or fourth house they’d had to shoot like that this week, but Karen just seemed to be checked out and Mina seemed to have resigned herself to not being able to catch up with Karen.

Megan: They relate to Karen, who is immediately looking for pennies on the passage.

Kristin: It’s just doing the country a favor – haven’t you heard of America’s coin shortage?

Megan: Apparently they were all on Nelson Street in Indianapolis.

Josh: Karen is the human equivalent of Dug from the movie Up. Just as lovable and completely distracted from everything.

Good Bones Season 5 Episode 11

Good bones “Cottage becomes an artistic oasis”Photo by Madison Mascare

Megan: This is the smallest house ever, but their explanation of how to redesign the floor plan made me dizzy. I totally lost the kitchen. Ultimately, they worked on some blueprint magic and turned this house into an adorable house with some sort of circular floor plan. The entire front is a conservatory with French doors leading into the only bedroom and another set leading to the living room. The living room flows into the kitchen / dining area. They saved original woodwork that adds a lot of character to the room.

Kristin: I really don’t understand why they put french doors in the bedroom. Exit? You’re killing me.

Josh: Me too. Maybe I’ve seen too many horror movies, but those French doors next to the bed that led straight to the porch made me feel cold. Can you imagine a shadowy figure walking past the closed doors as you lie down to go to sleep? Cue the Halloween theme song and take us to the next house, please!

Kristin: If the doors open, you cannot barricade yourself! It’s about as scary as jacking up a house with the worry of it falling on your head with no hard hats! The crew did this to level the floor, but tried to jack up the house, literally tons of weight, without waiting for the basement concrete to harden. I just thought it was all so crazy.

Josh: I’m sure they made the sounds better for the television, but these jumps from Tad and the team member in the basement felt very real. Yipes!

Megan: Just like MJ and Mina’s plan to steal some herb plants from Karen’s space for the container garden “Salatbar” that MJ had made for the winter garden.

Good Bones Season 5 Episode 11

Good bones “Cottage becomes an artistic oasis”Photo by Madison Mascare

Josh: This episode took a lot of time for MJ’s confession and revealed that he is quietly weird. His plan to remove herbs and vegetables from Karen’s house made us physically manifest what the inside of her mind looks like – her back yard! I was stressed and in awe of the chaos at the same time.

Kristin: It was overwhelming. Come on MJ who shows up to dig in the dirt with a tiny painted basket?

Megan: I think this is how MJ would react:

Good bones MJ

Designer MJ on a good bone

Josh: This little house had some really cozy moments that instantly felt like a place to put your feet up and settle down. I’m still in awe of MJ and Cory’s ladder ingenuity, which is designed with half resting on a kitchen counter reaching a tall shelf. I want one for my top cabinets. If this isn’t out on the market already, MJ and his team may have a million dollar idea on their hands. Mark that now.

Good Bones Season 5 Episode 11

Good bones “Cottage becomes an artistic oasis”Photo by Madison Mascare

Megan: Big Car Collaborative’s Jim Walker and Shauta Marsh walked through the house. Add this to the Indy bingo card and see someone you know on Good Bones. And Mina, who couldn’t wait two weeks for her IUI results, impulsively took a pregnancy test in a restaurant bathroom (and filmed it! What a TV veteran!). When she told Steve the good news, it seemed like the first time he really heard it.

Josh: If this was a fake, it filled my eyes with tears. Steve continues to be an adorable big sissy who isn’t afraid to show his emotions and excitement.

Megan: My other favorite scene this episode was when Karen asked MJ how to decorate the space above the fridge and without leaving out a bar he said, “Live peacocks.” This episode was MJ’s finest hour.

Kristin: It was like his probationary period was over and he can now come out and play with the rest of the kids.

Megan: Let’s hope it continues next week when we move on from Garfield Park. Let us know if you’ve ever taken a pregnancy test in a restaurant bathroom, folks.