Episode 7 – Indianapolis month-to-month

Episode 7 - Indianapolis monthly

Hello HGTV fans! Thank you for visiting for another summary of Good bones Season 5. I’m Megan Fernandez, and I often write about houses for Indianapolis monthly. My design snob colleagues Josh Cox and Kristin Sims are here too, pointing out the really important things.

Half of the season brings us to the “Old Biker Bar”. A little white grandma house in Old Southside was actually a Harley hangout in a past life. The party is definitely over and squatters have come and gone. It’s devastated – but not for long. Mina announced an ambitious two-story expansion to triple the size of the house. The front will look the same, and the addition will extend from the back almost to the alley, leaving a secluded side courtyard. The finished house should cost $ 312,000 – swallow your coffee so you don’t spit on your computer. For Old Southside. But that’s the neighborhood rate per square foot.

Josh: These prices keep surprising me for their surroundings, and how do the immediate neighbors feel about this towering addition?

Good bones “Old Biker Bar”Photo by Madison Mascare

Kristin: Holy shit. The aerial view was insane!

Megan: You can’t see the addition at all from the front. But trust us, there’s a warehouse in the back. The regular crew, including Tad and Cory, appeared to be very involved in the construction. Little did I know they could build the hard stuff like trusses and foundations.

Josh: Karen on bringing joy to the foundation of the house felt by everyone who moves into the house literally brought me joy.

Megan: S.he means it. I’ve rewound this segment to appreciate Cory’s immaculate work clothes. I would call his jeans “athletic cut”.

Kristin: Cory’s designer t-shirts aren’t the standard demo duds you buy from Walmart. And unfortunately I wondered when he was doing his “stretches” whether he would still go in command, as mentioned last week. Maybe you rub yourself off on me.

Good Bones S5 E7

Good bones “Old Biker Bar”Photo by Madison Mascare

Josh: Really enjoyed the shot design and the side courtyard / courtyard of the annex –

Kristin: Shotgun design.

Megan: I bet there is a shot design in Old Southside.

Josh: – But overall, the general aesthetic of this design was a complete failure for my taste.

Megan: It was, in her own words, more masculine than her usual style. They went inside and out with a lot of steel gray and in one bathroom with ox blood red. Automotive references included a Vespa with a bartop, a motorcycle sculpture with work lights that Karen designed, and a love seat that looks like the back of a vintage car. And in the loft area on the upper floor there is a sophisticated yellow velvet bar.

Good Bones S5 E7

Good bones “Old Biker Bar”Photo by Madison Mascare

Josh: The exterior paint was too muddy and the interior gray around the windows suffered the same problem with too much blue. When I talk about color, I find that aesthetically the 90s are back, but that ox blood felt like every living room in my friends’ homes was growing up.

Kristin: I painted my bathroom a similar color in 1995.

Megan: Living room, 1998.

Kristin: I liked the retro velvet bar, especially the color. However, the (exaggerated, clichéd) Vespa bar in the living room was duplicated. How much do these people drink? And then to pair it with Another Art car furniture that the potential buyers have been crammed into. “Here, folks, sitting awkwardly in this trunk for our money discussion!”

Megan: You got the bar at Urban Styles in Castleton on a shopping spree we saw. This shop feels like a prop shop. So many crazy things piled up in it.

Good Bones S5 E7

Good bones “Old Biker Bar”Photo by Madison Mascare

Josh: It looks like a gimmick lover’s dream and is an indication of the final design.

Kristin: A little faux metal and some auto parts go a long way.

Megan: This episode also reworked Mina and Steve’s IVF process. When she was brought in for surgery, she and Steve kissed three times in a row. That has to be her thing, kiss-kiss-kiss.

Josh: Steve’s nerves visible while Mina waited to be rolled back was adorable and further evidence of the infinite strength of women.

Kristin: I love a girl who rocks in vitro with a hair cap and lashes!

Good Bones S5 E7

Good bones “Old Biker Bar”Photo by Madison Mascare

Megan: Maybe that’s why the gender stereotypes of this episode didn’t work for me. Mina and Karen break mold as renovation company owners and evil bosses. Cory shatters the image of a construction worker. Guns-out Tad used to be a cheerleader. In this context, the idea that some gray moldings and motorcycles are equally masculine didn’t feel like the brand. Two chicks and a hammer are something more unconventional.

Josh: I blame a lack of MJ’s magical touch this episode. But they cannot all be winners.