Episode 8 – Indianapolis month-to-month

Episode 8 - Indianapolis monthly

Hello HGTV fans! We are in the second half of Good bones Season 5. I’m Megan Fernandez, and I often write about houses for Indianapolis monthly. My personal design hero and colleague Kristin Sims recapitulates as usual, but our criminal partner Josh Cox leads a search group for the show’s designer, MJ, who’s been AWOL lately.

This episode, “Free House, Expensive Reno,” starts with Mina surprising Karen by taking her somewhere in Indy, which will make her happy. The idea is to paint them before Mina shows Karen a house she doesn’t like. Kristin, you can do the honor.

Kristin: Irvington! I was so happy that our old district was presented this week. We called the neighborhood home for 20 years and it still holds a great place in our hearts.

Good bones: “Free House, dear Reno”Photo by Madison Mascare

Megan: Have you heard about the massive Kyle Oak that Mina takes Karen into because you think it will be her day?

Kristin: Sure! No self-respecting Irvingtonian is lacking in knowledge of that Kile Oak!

Megan: Karen is not impressed. She has seen it many times. So the gist of this episode is that Mina got a vacant house from a friend – a two-bedroom, one-bath house, roughly 770 square feet. The ground collapses and half of the roof has to fall down. During the passage, Karen and Mina enter the bathroom, completely unimpressed by the remains of a horror film that must have been shot there, by the appearance of the tub and toilet. Instead, they admire a wall that the tile fell into, completely intact.

Kristin: That was a damn good tile job!

Good Bones Season 5 Episode 8

Good bones: “Free House, dear Reno”Photo by Madison Mascare

Megan: The foundation is decent so they hope to save it and half the roof and rebuild the rest. Demo is hairy because they have to bring down part of the roof in a controlled manner, which allows Tad to do all sorts of daring things. Cut to the advertisement with the crew on the roof and …

Kristin: It looks like the roof has collapsed. I gasped loudly.

Megan: It wobbles and still gets stuck! But psychologically – while the permits are still pending, the whole house collapses. This becomes a new build job. It must have taken a while because Tad wears red shorts during the demo, but for part of the episode, Mina is stuck in her hoodie like a sausage. The red shorts must be Tad’s Second Half Look. He wore jeans cutoffs for the first seven episodes.

Kristin: Tad’s shorts seem like a bit of a high school wrestling coach to me.

Good Bones Season 5 Episode 8

Good bones: “Free House, dear Reno”Photo by Madison Mascare

Megan: He has the legs for it. The rest of the construction goes pretty smoothly with the exception of Cory, who is afraid of heights and appears to be forced by the production team to spend a few minutes on shaky scaffolding. He flashes his belly in his mad rush to get down.

Kristin: Josh picked the wrong week to go on vacation. I mean, looking for MJ

Megan: They’re making it the best house in town for $ 115,500. Because it’s small, Mina keeps the design predominantly white with Scandinavian accents in light natural wood, inlaid beams in a vaulted ceiling, and beige and cream-colored furniture. Karen builds a tree and a hanging bed, honoring this famous kile oak that I’ve never heard of.

Kristin: This was the best bed Karen has ever built! I really want one. However, I doubt the addition of the parrot. In all of our years in Irvington, we have never seen a parrot in the oak.

Megan: You are harder to pin down than MJ – who is back! Build the bed with a rope! He must have been at Josh’s beach. Kristin, any other design observations?

Kristin: You make the most of this small footprint and the simple setup doesn’t obscure your home design. I love the vaulted ceiling and the beams, although I don’t know how the homeowner will change the lightbulbs. The dining area is a stretch just outside the bedroom door, but try well. A double basin in the bathroom is not essential in a house of this size, but it does provide the necessary storage space. What amazes me– –Where would you keep your Christmas decorations? No basement, no attic, no garage.

Megan: Under the hanging bed? Mina’s IVF story takes a very sad turn this week when she discovers that egg fertilization didn’t work. She is surprised to learn that at 35, she doesn’t have many eggs at all.

Good Bones Season 5 Episode 8

Good bones “Free House, Dear Reno”Photo by Madison Mascare

Kristin: Pooh. Her doctor’s appointment and the tearful confessional were heartbreaking. Then I thought: That really matters Good bones different from the others shows up out there – her family focus and her openness.

Megan: Yes, and they all obviously care about each other as much as they care about the houses they are saving. Which makes me excited to see what they do next week and how Mina and Steve hold out. Maybe this house is a metaphor: it didn’t go as planned and they had to start over, but they got it working. We know Mina is tough. Stay tuned!