Extension of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: Here’s What to Know

Extension of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: Here's What to Know

The Cultural Trail, an eight-mile greenway in downtown Indianapolis, is about to get longer.

Starting this fall, the trail will be built for 18 months to extend two sections of the double path and the cycle path, which are expected to attract more than 1 million visitors annually.

Officials from the trail’s nonprofit, Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc., and the city’s public works division revealed the expected design and future of the project on Tuesday evening.

Here’s what you should know:

Where will the path stretch?

The path expands in two places: on Indiana Avenue and along South Street. Starting at Madam Walker Legacy Center, the Indiana Avenue portion of the trail extends north to 10th Street and heads west to a proposed bridge leading into the 16 Tech Innovation District.

According to a previous press release from 16 Tech, the bridge from 10th Street and Riley Hospital Drive will arch over Fall Creek to connect the city’s medical and educational sites to the district.

Along South Street, the extension of the Cultural Trail joins where the path on New Jersey Street leads south to Capitol Avenue. The Trail Connector starts near Lucas Oil Stadium north of the Eli Lilly Campus.

When will construction start?

Construction will begin in the fall of 2021 and will last through early 2023, according to Kären Haley, Executive Director of Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

During construction, residents of expansion areas can expect their driveways to remain largely open, Haley said, but brief closings are possible.

Drivers should also expect detours and road closures as soon as dirt moves.

Why is the path widening?

Haley said the expansion is mostly about achieving the same goals as the original construction of the cultural trail: connecting the city’s residents together.

She also said that enlargement has a deeper purpose.

“It’s not just about securely connecting pedestrians and bicycles as well as people and neighborhoods. It’s also about connecting people to our city’s culture, ”she said.

She gave the example of bringing the path for visitors parallel to the Madam Walker Legacy Center. The South Street expansion, she added, accomplishes its goal of connecting districts by connecting the Fountain Square district to the wholesale district.

How much does the project cost?

The project managers estimate the cost at 30 million US dollars.

While the route is on public roads, a large part of the funds will come from private donations. According to Haley, Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. is responsible for raising the money used for design, construction, inspection, maintenance, gardens, and public art.

The city awarded the project $ 1.5 million as part of the Indianapolis Neighborhood Infrastructure Partnership 2021 – a corresponding grant for projects proposed by neighborhood organizations.

Where can i learn more?

Visit indyculturaltrail.org/expansion to learn more and to sign up for updates.

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