Fantasy Implications of the Carson Wentz Commerce to Indianapolis

Fantasy Implications of the Carson Wentz Trade to Indianapolis


Sofia Carson’s love of beauty began with a red lipstick that made her feel “unstoppable”.

Welcome to Big Break, where some of the most influential people in the beauty industry reflect on the moments that spawned them – from good to bad and everything in between. Here, actress Sofia Carson tells how she stole her mother’s red lipstick and created her own with Revlon. Before Sofia Carson appeared on movie screens or in Disney franchises, she was just a little girl with big dreams dancing in concerts. While the location of her performances has changed from theaters to movie sets, two things have stayed the same: her passion for entertaining people and her love for makeup. Growing up, she rummaged in her mother’s vanity and always raved about her red lipstick. “I remember so vividly the smell and how I would feel through the lipstick,” she said to POPSUGAR. “I felt unstoppable.” It was this color that Carson would reach for again and again as a dancer. Red lipstick became the uniform she wore on stage at concerts and a way of connecting with her mother, her “inspiration for all things”.