Former IU Hoops Stars Help Hoosiers Sleep Soundly – Indianapolis Monthly

Former IU Hoops Stars Help Hoosiers Sleep Soundly - Indianapolis Monthly

Former IU basketball players Steve Green, a dentist, and Brian Evans, a medical device seller, played 20 years apart (early 1970s and 1990s, respectively) for the Hoosiers Service, which treats snoring and sleep apnea through bespoke mouthpieces.

How did you make the leap from basketball to business?

Brian: By the time I came to IU, Steve had retired from basketball. He would come back to speak to us. I was a huge fan and that [unofficial] Historian of the team. Over coffee last year, he convinced me that there is a business model for devices that are only for snoring and sleep apnea at Hoosiers. We know our backgrounds are similar, especially when it comes to playing for Coach Knight. We are not afraid of hard work, of criticism.

Steve: We wore the same number, 34, and Brian was my favorite player. We talk a lot of basketball between patients.

How did the Arora Specialty Sleep Clinic come about?

Steve: I had both snoring and sleep apnea. The only treatment option was a CPAP machine, which I hated. So, I got interested in Dental Sleep, which is a bespoke oral device, and found that I could make one of my own. I was my first successful patient. All I knew was that there are far more people who go undiagnosed – about 90 percent of the Hoosiers.

What does “Arora” mean?

Brian: “Dawn of a New Day.” We discovered that Sleeping Beauty is also called Aurora. It looked right to us. A large part of our marketing is aimed at the bed partner – a man snores several times and it affects the bed partner. The club plays into our hands.

Is There a Sleep Component to the Pandemic?

Steve: We know that when you’re sleeping well [around the time of] When you get the flu vaccine you get all of the benefits. If you have a poor sleep, your vaccine may only be about 50 percent effective.

What is the best position to sleep?

Steve: On your back with your chin slightly forward. Sleeping on the side can also be fine. Just not on your stomach.