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Best small soup in Indianapolis! Take it out, delivery – you have it!

Here’s more from Store Manager Danielle Shipley:

About Soupremacy:
Welcome! And thank you for your visit! We started this business in 2014 because we had a hard time finding a quick, delicious, healthy soup that didn’t come from a chain restaurant, and even worse – a frozen bag: / We love good soups and we make all of ours Food carefully with fresh ingredients – natural ingredients that result in amazing, aromatic and healthy foods.
We also sell delicious grilled sandwiches and great salads. So why focus on soup? The answer is simple and the reason we started this company. Soup is a quick, easy, and delicious way to add healthy foods to your busy everyday life. In the back of our minds, we know that we may not always get enough servings of vegetables each day. The delicious and easy solution is soup.
We have a range of “daily soups” that we always have on the menu. These are our favorite soups that are always in high demand. These are easy to find on our menu and they are all delicious.
We have over 100 recipes that we change every week and all year round depending on the time of year and the ingredients that are fresh and available. These soups are made in small quantities and usually only last a day or two before they sell out! Subscribe to our email list or follow us on Facebook to see the daily specials.
We are a small shop and we make smaller quantities so customers always know they are getting soup made with the freshest ingredients. The small lot size is an incentive for customers who love a particular soup to come early and grab a bowl.
One of the reasons our customers love us is our ability to design and transport soups that meet certain dietary requirements. Gluten free? No problem – we always have GF soups on the menu. Vegan? Vegetarian? Whole30? Same answer … – We always have soups that meet these diets. We even deliver our frozen soups to your home! Just give us a call (please not during the lunch break!). We answer such questions every day.