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  'Gr8 Comeback': 9th Street Bistro - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Rachel Firestone-Mohammad, a native of Indiana, says she fell in love with a chef in Colorado and brought him back to Hoosier State to be close to her family.

Not long after, they found a small square in downtown Noblesville; A place they believed would house their dream restaurant. Rachel said the place “had so much charm with the exposed bricks and old floors, and we said we want our restaurant here. We had spent three months remodeling this place to make it exactly how we wanted it and we were about to open our doors when the (coronavirus) pandemic broke out. “

As they pondered what to do with their new 9th Street Bistro, they helped feed their family friends who have been affected by COVID-19. After the news of their meal got around, they formed the Sunday Supper Club.

“We actually started selling our ready meals at Noblesville Farmers Market and got a loyal following there,” said Chef Samir Mohammad.

So what is staggering among customers? “We found that they just love different food,” he said.

Samir said he and his wife were inspired by the foods they tried while traveling around the world. But they also brought convenience foods to people from their eclectic menu during the pandemic.

Now they are preparing to officially welcome the ward to dinner at 56 S. Ninth Street in mid-summer. All they need is a team to help them. “We’re looking for some great people to join us as bartenders, waiters, and maybe a little help in the kitchen,” Rachel said.

However, the couple are confident that downtown Noblesville will show up when they open the doors. “This support will definitely be there,” said boss Samir.