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  'Gr8 Comeback': Black Leaf Vegan - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Taria and Derrick Slack, the owners of the Black Leaf Vegan Food Truck, are still getting used to the attention they’ve gotten lately.

As the only vegan food truck in the city of Indianapolis, however, Taria recalls when they weren’t sure whether they would be successful or not, but Derrick urged.

“He just said, ‘Let’s do it,” she said.’ There’s no reason not to. Try and if you fail you fail, but you know you tried. ”

Randall Newsome of News 8 paid a visit to the food truck while it was serving a teacher’s lunch and the line went non-stop. The overwhelming demand has led Black Leaf Vegan to be selected as the first all-vegan grocer for the Indiana State Fair.

Taria sometimes says that the new demand for her food creates her mixed feelings.

“It looks scary, but it’s exciting at the same time,” she said.

The question is, how can you win over people who don’t believe that they have a preference for vegan food?

“The taste, texture, look and appeal of the food,” said Taria. “It’s important because they need to know that veganism doesn’t mean you lose something you don’t lose. You get everything else that another person would have who eat meat.”

Taria is proud of what they have achieved as the craze for Black Leaf Vegan continues to spread across Indianapolis.

“We did it as a family, that’s for the best. You know, we said it was possible, we set standards, we set a goal and we did it,” she said.

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