Here is methods to discover the final word Indianapolis meals

The Tuna Sack offers wontons with ahi tuna and smashed avocado served at Burger Study, an upscale restaurant and bar in the Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis (see Friday, September 22, 2017).

If you could imagine a hidden gem restaurant, an off-radar place unknown to most, which one would it be?

That was the first question I asked my new Facebook group, Indylicious. The answers came one by one.

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Loaded mac and cheese at Greiner south of Fountain Square. Peruvian ceviche in Machu Picchu on the west side of Indianapolis. Crustwood Pizza in Carmel. St. Yared Ethiopian Cuisine and Coffeehouse in Fishermen. Greek food in family run Athens on 86th near Township Line Road.

The Indianapolis food scene is huge. Indylicious is where I dine about all the delectable things in Central Indiana. From the best restaurants and chefs to the sexy cocktails and noshs, farmers markets, vegan restaurants, grocery artisans and the occasional recipe, Indylicious has the inside guide to the ultimate dining in Indiana.

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But I can’t do it alone. I want to hear from you too. That’s why there is Indylicious. It is an opportunity for us to talk to each other about everything to eat in and around Indianapolis. Join the conversation. Share posts that add something thoughtful. Maybe it’s this particular cafe that you’re sure hardly anyone knows about, but everyone should try. Maybe you’ve thought a little about the food scene and you’re wondering what the rest of us think.

Chat with fellow IndyStar readers about your favorite dishes, find out about restaurant openings, watch videos that will take you to new places, and offer advice on restaurants, the best ingredients, cooking, and everything our city has to offer and region makes up Indylicious.

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