Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard touchingly pays tribute to New Cleveland Brown’s LB Anthony Walker

Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard touchingly pays tribute to New Cleveland Brown's LB Anthony Walker

Upon learning that Anthony Walker was signing with the Cleveland Browns, his now-former Indianapolis Colts teammate Darius Leonard immediately tweeted a combination of his disappointment that his friend was going to leave and several ringing notes about what the Browns were getting in Walker , both the player and the person. Leonard has now made a tribute video to Walker.

The video is noteworthy between Leonard’s touching words how much he thought of Walker to help him in his own career, thereby achieving all-pro status. He highlights any number of qualities the Browns would want from Walker as a person and how that affects what they seek for him on their team.

Walker is a smart, caring leader who has helped his teammates get better and, in the case of Leonard, has helped him reach truly formidable heights in his career.

From the words to the music to the touching moments between Walker and Leonard in the video, it shows an incredible connection. And the amount of admiration and feeling Leonard puts in them includes feelings that are too often saved for a funeral instead of being expressed to the other person.

And in some ways that’s apt as this is the end of an era for these two, so Leonard took the time to celebrate it and give Walker something special. For Colts fans, they can see what kind of person they were part of their team in Walker for four years and what else they have in Leonard.

Brown’s fans see the kind of support that is rarely seen. So much of it revolves around stats and productivity, age and potential, all of which are important factors in movement in sports, but this particular situation highlights the kind of person that is added to the Browns. And in soccer, as in almost everything else, teams can so often only go as far as the people who have them. It sure sounds like the Browns have a good one.

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