Indianapolis girl arrested after allegedly capturing the IndyGo bus and pointing the gun at officers

Indianapolis woman arrested after allegedly shooting the IndyGo bus and pointing the gun at officers

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis woman faces a string of charges after allegedly shooting at an IndyGo bus and pointing her gun at IMPD officers.

The incident began on December 10th around 10th and Keystone.

The bus driver said she was headed west on 10th Street when she came across a woman standing in the middle of the street. She told police that when she stopped the bus, the woman came to the glass door and fired four shots that hit the glass. After the driver initially “freaked out”, he was able to move the bus and drove back to the train station.

Police say the woman – later identified as 29-year-old Raeonna Ross – can be seen on the IndyGo surveillance video in the street, coming to the glass door and pointing the gun at the bus while inmates duck for cover.

Later that evening, police responded to a call regarding a woman with a gun that matched Ross’ description and approached a man behind a pub on the 2000 block on East 10th Street. The pub co-owner told police he was outside the back of the pub when he was approached by a woman who raised a gun to his stomach. When he told her to put the gun down, she sat on the curb and put the gun down next to her. The man said he then ran in and called the police.

Officers found Ross on the 10th and Sterling. Police say she crossed in front of an officer’s fully tagged police vehicle, and that officer claims he saw Ross point her gun at him while he was inside. The officer energized his vehicle and took cover while loudly ordering the gun to be dropped.

When the officer asked for assistance, police said Ross ran into an alley on Woodruff Place Middle Drive. After more officers arrived, they searched the alley for Ross on foot. Then they heard Ross speak “very loud” near 10th and Woodruff Place Middle Drive. When the police saw them, they ordered Ross to drop the gun. According to the authorities, one officer reported as police.

Police say Ross disobeyed it and instead pointed her gun at the officers. An officer deployed a less than fatal launcher, and Ross then fled behind houses.

A chase followed through the homes until police saw Ross on the porch of a house on the 1000 block of Woodruff Place West Drive. The officers ordered Ross to drop the gun, but it didn’t. An officer then approached the porch from the street and deployed a less-than-lethal launcher that struck Ross in the chest. Police say Ross then turned and fell to the floor on the porch stairs. Police were then able to disarm Ross by taking the gun from their hand.

However, Ross continued to oppose officers by refusing to put her hands behind her back and “fighting handcuffing officers,” according to the IMPD. A police officer eventually used his taser, causing Ross to turn around, police say. The officers could then grab her arms and handcuff Ross.

According to police, local doctors were immediately called and Ross was taken to the Eskenazi holding for immediate detention

When an evidence engineer was processing Ross’ pistol, he noticed that the bullets in the magazine had jammed and twisted, which authorities said would have prevented the gun from loading properly and continuing to fire. 14 live ammunition cartridges were recovered from the magazine.

Police say a file review showed Ross had a valid pistol permit. It was also revealed that Ross had reported the gun as stolen but never reported to police that it was recovered.

IMPD also stated that another woman’s identification was found in Ross’ handbag.

Ross has been arrested and charged with aiming a gun, criminal ruthlessness, opposition to arrest and criminal mischief.

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