Indianapolis girl killed in trailer collision on I-69

Indianapolis woman killed in trailer collision on I-69

Police say the semi-driver, who later tested positive for methamphetamine, blocked the highway with his trailer when he tried to do a U-turn on Monday afternoon.

DAVIESS COUNTY, Ind. – An Indianapolis woman was killed in an accident involving a semi-trailer on Interstate 69 in southwest Indiana.

State Police say Allen Weldy, 38, of Mitchell, Indiana, drove a truck with a flatbed trailer south on I-69 near the 84-mile mark just before 5 p.m. Monday. Weldy reportedly missed a corner while driving from Bloomington to Crane and decided to do a U-turn at an intersection on the freeway instead of going to the next exit.

When Weldy stopped briefly at the intersection, the trailer of his semis blocked the passing lane of I-69 going south and part of the right lane.

At the time, police said, 52-year-old Susan Yoo from Indianapolis, who was driving south a short distance behind the semi, appeared to have stepped on the brakes to avoid the trailer but was unable to. After Yoo’s SUV hit the trailer in what the police called “heavily overlapping side wipers”, it slid off the highway into a ditch.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A blood test showed that Weldy had methamphetamine in his system. He was then detained in Daviess County Jail.

Possible charges against Weldy are currently unknown.