Indianapolis home market at its peak, but it’s getting less weird

Indianapolis home market at its peak, but it's getting less weird

It seems like the perfect time to sell a home.

If you own one that is in good shape, or maybe even in bad shape, you can list it on a Thursday and will likely have multiple deals through Sunday. At this point, your choice may come down to which desperate buyer is creeping up the most. Who bids the highest number above the offer price? Who pays all cash? Who is willing to forego an inspection? Who will name their child after you? These are real factors in offers – even the last one.

It has never been so easy for American homeowners to turn their homes into quick and easy godsends. Aside from one thing, if you want to cash out but don’t want to rent out your next home, then you have to become a scruffy buyer too.

Indianapolis real estate is on fire, houses are selling in hours or a day.  A house in Indianapolis is for sale here on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

Because of this, this real estate market makes everyone unhappy – in many cases, the people who benefit the most from the price.