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  Indianapolis Family Will Be Evicted When CDC Moratorium Expires This Month - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis mother must figure out how to keep a roof over her family when the CDC eviction moratorium expires on December 31st.

Emily Hernandez told News 8 that she lives in a duplex east of downtown Indianapolis. The mother said she got sick and was unable to work, which resulted in her being behind with rent payments in late September. Hernandez said she signed up online to make a payment and noticed an eviction notice filed on October 20.

“You weren’t empathetic; They were very mean and not trying to give a chance to find a seat or even to know what was going on, ”said Hernandez.

Spouses to buy homes for real estate went to court in November, but the CDC eviction moratorium protects Hernandez from the eviction process until January 1. Hernandez said she applied to other places of residence but didn’t get any luck.

“Since then, I’ve been getting denied and even tried going through housing services and I’ve still been denied because they don’t accept evictions,” Hernandez said.

According to SAVI, a data assessment tool that is part of the IUPUI Polis Center, the mother would be one of 34,000 people in Indiana at risk of eviction this year.

Hernandez hopes to find something to protect her children.

“If I’m not accepted anywhere by January, my kids will likely stay with their grandma because I will probably have to get a hotel or something until I get approved somewhere,” she said.

Thousands of people are relying on lawmakers to extend the eviction moratorium. Hernandez asks the rental properties for empathy and indulgence during the pandemic.

“It’s so wicked and heartless, and the rules should change. So many people are being displaced this year in particular, ”added Hernandez. “Are we just going to leave our own people homeless because they have nowhere to be approved, because the eviction is on their records? I mean, that’s just cruel. “

Home buying spouses told News 8, “Regarding Ms. Hernandez, we are not free to discuss her case, but there are extenuating circumstances, and not just due to the lack of rent,” said property manager Lee Smith .

Hernandez said she has a lawyer and hopes the eviction allegations can be removed from her file sooner rather than later.