Indianapolis Indoor Farm Packs Leafy Vegetables to Rise the East Side – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

  Indianapolis Indoor Farm Packs Leafy Vegetables to Rise the East Side - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WUNSCH) – An indoor farming facility with cutting edge technology brings new food options to the east side of the city.

Uplift Produce grows, harvests and packs leafy vegetables in a renovated 60,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis

“We say we get to market within hours. The reason for this is that we are actually harvesting, packing and shipping into distribution channels within hours,” said Chris Arnold, CEO of Uplift Produce, on Friday.

Keith Cooper, Uplift Produce site manager, said they grow from seed to finish in 14 to 21 days, depending on the product, and provide a “100% controlled environment”. So we control the CO2, the humidity and the temperature so that they correspond exactly to the setpoints that the system needs. “

The company is a joint venture with a Dutch company called PlantLab. The first product was launched in Indianapolis in October. Arnold said the company is determined to uplift the community.

“It works well here in Indianapolis to have this partnership, which means that every dollar ever made here goes straight back to the community,” said Arnold.

You currently have 11 employees. Uplift products donate around 150 pounds of groceries a week to places that also belong Second servings Famine relief and the Cafe Patachou Foundation. This area is in the middle of revitalization.

“Everything we do is really about how we can support people and the whole community.” Given this partnership with Englewood and the work that the Englewood Community Development Corporation employees are doing here in the community, we’re really just trying to equip them to keep doing the work they do, ”said Arnold.

Arnold said he was called to do this job – not just to feed people, but to help this area as well.

“It is our wish that people in this neighborhood can simply live, work and play. You have to go straight to work and never have to get in a car, ”said Arnold.

The Englewood Community Development Corporation is an owner partner, said Arnold. The facility is located in the historic PR Mallory Campusin the bunker building.

Arnold told News 8 that there are plans to expand the facility even further by the end of this year and create an additional 20 jobs in Indianapolis.

Uplift Produce has facilities in seven different states and several cities. You can find their products online at Delivery of green beans and hope to sell on store shelves in Indianapolis soon.