Indianapolis is making changes to improve access to food

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Indianapolis is making changes to improve access to food

Indianapolis city guides recently approved the restructuring of local systems to better regulate food access.

The regulation creates the new Community Nutrition and Food Policy Division and sets up a new Commission and an adjacent coalition to meet the needs for healthy food.

Milele Kennedy was named the division’s first director. She said the goal is to better coordinate existing efforts and find more community-based solutions.
“We’re not just gathering food system stakeholders,” Kennedy said, “we’re working together on food system guidelines that will affect the 25-year plan.”

Indianapolis’ long-term plan addresses existing differences in the food system.

Kennedy says Black Indianapolis residents are more than 50 percent more likely to experience starvation.

“And that’s a statistic that we can work with as a community,” said Kennedy. “It will take the entire community to address this.”

The recent hunger for data mapping in Marion County shows that the food gap has nearly doubled in the past year.

The Indianapolis Community’s new Community Food Access Coalition will replace the Indy Food Council and work to resolve issues such as food insecurity, urban agriculture, and the food economy.

The new agency will also manage existing city grants for food programs. It falls under the Office of Public Health and Safety.