Indianapolis lady creates “ornaments of hope”

Indianapolis woman creates

We all need a little hope this year, especially during the holiday season.

INDIANAPOLIS – We all need a little hope this year, especially during the holiday season.

Therefore, a local woman with “ornaments of hope” reaches for something.

In front of Rhona Wundrum’s home in North Indianapolis is a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. Inside each clear ornament is a special message that she handwritten and placed on the tree for people to take.

“Then they kept disappearing, so I replenished it. I have probably filled the tree at least four times, “said Wundrum.

So far she has created around 55 ornaments.

“Then I got messages in my mailbox, messages from neighbors, texts from friends who would take one if they left,” she said. “I know the person is getting the right one for them. It just seems to happen. ”

Her favorite message is, “We all have a little angel within us and if we just let this lead our lives, this world will be a better place, and it will be effortless if you let it.”

Simple ornaments with love that bring hope and light to a cold Christmas night.

“You know, we’re all going to fall. There will always be dark times, but there is always a light of hope, and if we just stop and take a moment to see the magic each day, we can find it. We just have to be the ones looking for it, “said Wundrum.

She greets people who stop by her house near 62nd and Meridian Streets to pick out an ornament.

Look for the sign and the tree that she would like to leave standing for a few more days.