Indianapolis man fatally hit and run in reference to March 2020

Indianapolis man fatally hit and run in connection with March 2020

The victim’s mother requests a refund to pay the defendant’s maintenance

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Posted: Feb 9, 2021 / 6:41 PM EST
Updated: February 9, 2021 / 6:41 PM EST

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – A Johnson County judge sentenced an Indianapolis man to the maximum penalty after pleading guilty to killing a Franklin man in connection with a hit and escape on March 7th.

Derrick Scott pleaded guilty to indictments Tuesday in connection with the March 7, 2020 crash that killed Alec Guyette. The plea comes after Scott was charged with fatally escaping the scene of the accident and acting as the ordinary traffic violator causing the death.

Johnson County prosecutor said the crash happened while Scott was driving to a friend’s house. When he arrived he told some people in the house that he thought he had hit someone.

One of the homeowners and her uncle saw the damage to Scott’s windshield and retired. Guyette was on the side of the road, his mountain bike less than 100 feet away. The prosecutor said police tracked Scott up to his home, where he surrendered only after a SWAT team kicked his front door to execute a search warrant.

The prosecutor said Scott’s family and friends wrote letters for the hearing saying he was caring and committed to his family and work. Scott also apologized to Guyette’s family.

The prosecutor, on the other hand, said Scott tried to evade and evade responsibility at every turn, driving drunk in the past and asking how many chances someone should be given. The victim’s mother also said that her family would be disadvantaged forever, while Scott’s family would only be without him for a short time.

One moment in the conviction that caught the prosecutor’s attention was the victim’s mother filing a last-minute request for restitution to Scott’s children as part of his outstanding maintenance obligations.

“I’ve done my fair share of cases like this, and it’s really inspiring to see someone who has had a loved one stolen from them show such a level of grace and compassion for the person who caused it,” said the prosecutor from Johnson County, Joseph Villanueva said.

The judge sentenced Scott to 12 years, the maximum possible sentence. Scott will only be in prison for nine of those years, the rest on parole. He receives 339 actual credit days and has the option to under the recovery program while in detention.

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