Indianapolis Metropolis Council is demanding that faculty workers be prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine

Indianapolis City Council is demanding that school staff be prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis City Council is calling for teachers and school staff to have priority for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Indiana currently has an age-based approach to sales. At the council meeting on Monday evening, the advisors adopted two proposals calling on policymakers to make the vaccine available to teachers and bus drivers as soon as vaccine supplies permit.

“Teachers and school staff have been exposed to tremendous personal risks getting personal education started again,” Councilor Crista Carlino said, “and more than 12,000 Indiana educators and school staff have tested positive for COVID-19. The return to full-time teaching is for Our economy and our local families are vital, which means we must do everything we can to protect our teachers and staff. “

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