Indianapolis Motor Speedway celebrates its famous urinals with this classy new t-shirt

Indianapolis Motor Speedway celebrates its famous urinals with this classy new t-shirt

At Indianapolis Motor Speedway, recent upgrades have refreshed facilities around the track, including bathrooms. This sparked concern among fans, who feared that the track’s apparently famous trough urinals would be replaced with a more traditional solution. In response, Circuit President Doug Boles confirmed that the existing facilities will be replaced with new troughs to continue the tradition of urinating together on the circuit. But IMS has also gone one step further and reminds of the facilities with a special T-shirt.

Obviously, when hosting a large, popular event like the Indy 500, you must have facilities to deal with the many thousands of people who all have to pee at one point or another. With these volumes, it quickly becomes impractical to provide enough stands, and even urinals that are regularly divided can save space. For larger crowds, the solution is the urinal trough, which allows men to stand shoulder to shoulder and relax on the track. Culturally, they’re a little less common in the US – hence the tribute to the staff at IMS and other venues like Wrigley Field. In countries like Europe and Australia, however, they are often used everywhere, from school bathrooms to shopping centers, but more in a higher wall format.

The comparative darkness of the trough urinal in the United States has led to their elevated status in the few major venues they exist in, which has led to their worship by the Indy community. The T-shirt that emerged from this movement is a fitting homage that represents the classic gathering point in a tasteful illustration together with the IMS logo. One can only guess that the burnt orange color of the shirt was chosen to closely recall the rich, dark urine that is produced only from drinking several cases of beer on a hot afternoon in the sun.

With this year’s race open to fans again, there’s no reason you can’t show this brilliant piece of toilet nostalgia on the track in May. We look forward to seeing a sea of ​​oranges at the event, both in the stands – and down the drain.

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