Indianapolis’ own buster appears on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Indianapolis' own buster appears on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Buster has scored more points on shows this year than any other Great Pyrenees.

INDIANAPOLIS – If you ever walk down Mass Ave and see the Pyrenees strolling up to the people for something to eat, consider yourself lucky because you are in the presence of greatness.

That’s because Buster is no ordinary dog. He is the top ranked Great Pyrenees in the country.

Buster is only three and a half years old, which is rather younger for him at dog shows. But Buster is no ordinary dog. He’s more like a dog diva.

He loves standing in front of people and using his good looks to get food from the people on Mass Avenue. His skills are so advanced that he has favorite dishes in many restaurants. At Condado Tacos, his dish is ground beef tacos. At FortyFive Degrees, it’s Beef Teriyaki. At Nine Irish Brothers, of course, he gets the bang. Buster is a self-proclaimed guardian and food tester.

Buster works off all of these dishes by spending his free time attending dog shows. He’s pretty good at it too, earning enough points to earn him a spot on the coveted Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show June 11-13.

He comes from a strong line of show dogs. His mother is a Hall of Fame Pyrenees woman. His brother is the most successful Pyrenees of all time. In fact, if his brother gets a seat this year, Buster may have to face his brother in Westminster.

“We hope that Buster really does on this show and hopefully shows for the future,” said owner Sheri Pflugh.

Buster also has the help of a great Great Pyrenees dog handler in Dave Daugherty, who also calls Indianapolis home and who has had great success at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in the past.

Hopefully all stars will line up for Buster next week and he can bring home another win.

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