Indianapolis Public Schools Seeks Quality Innovation School Applicants – Application Window is Now Open

Indianapolis Public Schools Seeks Quality Innovation School Applicants - Application Window is Now Open

May 27, 2021

Indianapolis Public Schools is pleased to announce our call for quality applicants for the 2021-22 school year innovation proposal cycle. Applications for the operation of an innovation school would be either in the school year 2022–23 or 2023–24.

According to IC 20-25.7, any individual, school team or charter organization can be authorized to lead an Innovation Network School. Indianapolis Public Schools is leading both the city and the country in developing a system that supports increased school autonomy and quality choice for all families.

There are five ways to become an Innovation Network School. You may be interested in several and can state this in your letter of interest. However, your final application must be targeted at a specific type of school in order to be considered.

  1. Start of the new school – A new school that opens may enter into an innovation network agreement to work with IPS facilities and shared services.
  2. Charter as a new partner – New or existing charter schools within the IPS borders can enter into a partnership with IPS via an innovation network agreement. This allows access to shared services such as catering, transportation, and professional development, and provides the ability to create a proximity boundary for registration.
  3. Reboots – A partner requests the resumption of a chronically underperforming school recommended by the district administration for this intervention. These applications should be tailored to the needs of the school and the community in the fall. At the time of that call, you should signal your readiness to reboot any School for which there is a need.
  4. conversion – In the case of an innovation conversion, an existing IPS school that has outstanding leadership and teamwork skills can apply for the conversion of its school. This route requires significant support from staff, parents and the community and should be detailed in the application.
  5. Jump start – An existing IPS school that requires intervention based on student outcomes can be converted into an Innovation Network School based on the will of the school community and leadership building as a self-initiated improvement strategy.

To get started, please use our Expression of Interest template. Click HERE to access it.

Please email the completed Letter of Interest document to [email protected] before the specified deadline.

You can also explore the application by clicking HERE.

This press release was produced by Indianapolis Public Schools. The views expressed are those of the author.