Indianapolis RB Nyheim Hines on Jonathan Taylor and the underrated Colts field

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Indianapolis Colts Runs Back Nyheim Hines joins Matt Harmon in the latest episode of Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast. Nyheim talks about his relationship with breakout rookie Jonathan Taylor and what to expect from this backfield duo in 2021. Nyheim later talks about his new role as National Spokesperson for the Muscular Dystrophy Association 2021 and his personal connection with the organization and work promoting the MDA Shamrocks campaign.

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MATT HARMON: You and Jonathan Taylor, I think you make up one of the most exciting, perhaps underrated, young running-back duos in the NFL. And my little theory about it – I was walking back and forth with the producer like yesterday when we were going to talk to you and everything. I feel like you guys are almost unfairly typed in some ways, and I’ll explain what I mean by that. People look at Jonathan and he’s that big, bulky, incredible specimen of a back.

NYHEIM HINES: Enormously. It’s like a tank.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, he’s like a damn tank, right? But then the same with you. Obviously you’re known for that pass-catching element, but you’ve had some really good moments in the red zone and just as a pure rusher this year. Kind of take me into the dynamic of you as a tandem and the way you complement each other.

NYHEIM HINES: First off, I think JT will be an emerging elite in this league. So my job as Nyheim is to just walk in there and when 28 leaves the game make sure there is no litter when 21 is in there. And that’s first of all what I do, just challenge myself to keep the standard the standard.

And honestly after that I really think a lot of people outside of football are trying to take on roles like me as a passport catcher or JT as a bruise or whatever. But really, we just don’t even look at it that way. Whoever is inside, we are called. And when the ball comes towards us, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pass, a handover, a boat or even a fumble. If the ball comes our way, we have to do something with it, right?

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NYHEIM HINES: I think that’s what we’re really good about. I think we are doing a really great job helping each other. There is no hatred in our room. Myself, Marlon, Jordan Wilkins, we all help each other. And we all watch movies, and that’s how we get better. I think as we keep doing this I think that trust will just keep building. And I think with confidence that we will continue to play well.

And of course we have a new quarterback. And I think there will be no dropping off from the running back group. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We will make sure to protect the quarterback when we need to protect or catch the ball when it is thrown towards us. And of course we’re going to let the ball run and do some touchdowns.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I mean, JT, it’s electric when it’s out there, right? I mean, even if you just look at him – as I said, he’s the tank specimen. But he started the year a little slowly. Not unexpected due to the COVID situation and the slow increase up to the season. He’s a newbie.

NYHEIM HINES: And he’s just a newbie. He has to learn.

MATT HARMON: And a newbie, right. Yes.

NYHEIM HINES: This is my third year so I get it. My first game – my game one to game 16 or even playoff game is very different. He’s got a learning curve, so I’m really excited about him. There is no rookie corner this year. He’s played 17 real NFL games so he’ll be back a little better.

He will have experience just like me. This will be my fourth year. I’ve played 50 games now, but I’ll be a lot better at game 70 than at game whatever, 50 I’m 50 now. So it’s all experience. I am excited that he will draw from this. And I think he’ll come back and run over 1,000 meters and hopefully do a lot of things for the fantasy world.

MATT HARMON: I wanted to say. There are a lot of fantasy people out there listening to this podcast. OKheim, Nyheim Hines told me that I can draw Jonathan Taylor number five overall. I would like to ask you about your new role as National Speaker of the Muscular Dystrophy Association in 2021. Tell me a little about why you are so interested in this particular subject.

NYHEIM HINES: I’m excited about this particular topic just because my family members have it. It’s on my mother’s side. My grandmother actually died of it in 2004, and my mother and uncle live with it. Even during this new role, when I first got into the NFL, I used my platform to spread awareness myself. So honestly, now the MDA’s voice is bigger than mine and it has affected a lot more lives than mine. I’m honest, really happy to be able to team up with a team that knows how to spread awareness and raise money a lot better than myself.

MATT HARMON: Yes, it’s always great when you can find this organization that shares your passion and then just take this survey for something you have – obviously condolences to all of your family members and everything. I love that you have a passion for it. I love that you are connected to them. Tell me a little about the upcoming MDA Shamrocks campaign.

NYHEIM HINES: Oh yeah, that’s great. First, the MDA Shamrocks is the largest St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser in the United States. To sum up, over the course of this month, thousands of retailers across the country are inviting their customers to purchase MDA shamrocks in the checkout collections displayed at their locations.

And frankly, with all of the shopping and all of that, it really only shows support for 200,000 Americans who have neuromuscular disorders. Plus, it helps the MDA fund, not just ALS, but 43 other neuromuscular diseases as well. That’s really what’s so great about it, and I’m personally looking forward to partnering with him on St. Patrick’s Day.

MATT HARMON: I love it. Yeah, I mean, I love to see all the shamrocks up there in the stores. It’s a great thing. I am really proud of you that you are a part of it. That’s great.

Again, call you. Call out to them. It’s a great partnership that everyone should find out what they’re doing there. Make sure to purchase these shamrocks from your local store as well. Come on give me a break Go out and do something good.