Indianapolis Zoo adds hands-on Gator exhibit

Indianapolis Zoo adds hands-on Gator exhibit

You have probably never been closer to the American alligator.

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The Indianapolis Zoo is a hands-on experience starting Memorial Day weekend.

Adult alligators and crocodiles are on display at the zoo, and at certain times of the day, guests younger than two years old can touch the guests.

“I think people have some fears or misunderstandings about alligators and crocodiles as a whole. Hopefully if we see the youngsters this way, people can see them in a new light,” said Sara Caruso, director of interpretations at the Indianapolis zoo. “We worked with them.” . These guys have been here for several months so our animal care team and staff worked with them to make them comfortable in this setting. Walk slowly at a pace they are comfortable with and get used to dealing with and being around people. ”

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The baby alligators have yet to be named and the zoo is asking for your help.

“It’s just a fun way to have our guests included in these guys’ names,” said Caruso. “We have three thematic names that guests can choose from. Our staff and animal care team here had to help select these names, and then our guests can help finalize these names for us.”

Here you can vote on the names of the baby alligators.

Voting ends on Wednesday May 12th. The exhibition opens on May 29th.

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