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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Thousands of patients are in hospitals across central Indiana without a diagnosis of COVID-19. With the pandemic around them, some have bleakly said it was the worst time to need medical attention in a century.

One such patient at IU Health Methodist is “the cutest girl in the world,” according to her husband Joe Kata Carter.

The two met at Purdue University, married, and moved to the northwest side of Indianapolis. Joe Carter announced three years ago that he and Kata had welcomed a daughter, Rose. Three months later, Kata Carter was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. That was the beginning of the Carter family, who needed a lot of help.

It came gratefully. Joe describes a time of giving when two nurses donated thousands of ounces of breast milk for Baby Rose. Some of Kata’s school friends donated a freezer to hold. Good Morning America aired a feature report about the experience.

“It was such an amazing thing that they did for us,” said Joe. “Now at three, Rose is happy, healthy, and fun.”

But now it’s 2021 and cancer is back after spreading to her brain. Kata approaches end-of-life care.

“There have been many tears in the last three years after the diagnosis. The survival rates are not very high, ”said Joe.

The new complication: there’s a pandemic that makes an impossible situation worse. Joe explains that his wife cannot have constant visitors to the hospital and that she is being treated by staff who are exhausted from the COVID-19 wing.

But Joe explains in big, small ways how the staff help this family. He said they read her mail aloud, made every effort to keep the family informed, and relaxed restrictions to allow family reunions in her hospital room.

“It didn’t have to be in her room, but it was amazing. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks; Her parents hadn’t seen her in a few months, ”said Joe. “The generosity of strangers always surprises me.”

It made Joe shut up a thing.

“Just be patient with everyone in the healthcare sector. They are stretched thin and in my experience they do all they can, ”said Joe.

Visit the GoFundMe website for regular updates on Kata’s health and to make donations for her family.