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  Creative ways to store your Christmas decorations - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

Now that the holidays are over, it’s sad to see the decorations put away. Sometimes it can be difficult to find storage space for it. Sherri French, lifestyle and parenting expert, shows us how we can pack and use more intelligently or create space.

Wrapping paper

No “special” wrapping paper holder is required. Find a plastic bag and put all of your wrapping paper in and together. Add a hanger to keep in your closet.


Don’t just pile your lights in a heap in a plastic storage container. Cut a piece of cardboard and wrap your lights around it so they don’t get tangled.

Pearl garland

Use an empty water bottle and place any bead garlands you have right in the bottle for easy storage.


Find a trouser hanger and add any holiday tape directly to the hanger for storage.


A quick and easy way to store your ornaments is to use a plastic container, cardboard, solo cups, and some glue. Cut the cardboard to match your plastic container, glue the solo cups to the cardboard, place your ornaments in the cups and store them. You can create a second level depending on the size of your storage bin.

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