Loose cows caused a stir in southeast Indianapolis on Thursday

Loose cows caused a stir in southeast Indianapolis on Thursday

Some loose cattle caused a riot for residents in the southeast of the city on Thursday morning.

At around 11:20 a.m., the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police responded to Block 1900 on Vandergriff Road, east of US 421, after residents reported a bull and cows roaming the area for about an hour.

A resident was stuck in his garage when a cop wandered the area, according to police radio communications.

This is not the first time Indianapolis Animal Control and Police have had to wrestle with cattle on Vandergriff Road, according to previous media reports. One early morning in September 2020, a bull made his way to a neighboring farm and, according to a report by WRTV, was enjoying some of the food left out for birds at the time.

And other areas in Indianapolis are not immune to cattle shenanigans.

In March 2019, a cow escaped its enclosure and enjoyed an evening out in Hamilton County. IndyStar reported that even Chick-fil-A seemed to have it.

A Facebook video that went viral at the time showed the cow crossing the street and heading to the Chick-fil-A restaurant when police were chasing the animal. The fast food giant is known for its “Eat more chikin” ads.

Not all escapes result in carefree videos. In July 2020, cowboys were called in to gather cattle that had come loose after 54 cows that drove from a farm in Kentucky to a farm in Iowa fell over on the North Fissure toward I-70 West. Six cows were killed when the crash occurred and some of the surviving cows were seriously injured.