Mass shooting in Indianapolis for police disclosure of 13 year old fatal shooting of a Chicago boy: Here’s what you should know

Mass shooting in Indianapolis for police disclosure of 13 year old fatal shooting of a Chicago boy: Here's what you should know

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TEMPLE, Texas – Filming of the FedEx building in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department announced that they responded to an incident involving active shooters at the FedEx Ground facility at 8951 Mirabel Rd after 11 p.m. Thursday evening. south of I-70 near the Ameriplex Parkway and across the highway from Indianapolis International Airport.

According to the police, eight people were killed in the mass shootings and five victims with gunshot wounds were taken to several hospitals in the area for treatment. Two other victims were treated on site by doctors and released.

Video released of a 13-year-old Chicago boy who was killed by police

Body camera footage of a Chicago policeman who fatally shot and killed a 13-year-old boy last month shows the cops screaming, “Drop it!” the teen just before he opened fire.

A still from the nervous nightly footage appears to show that Adam Toledo was not holding anything and had his hands up or partially up when the cop shot him in the chest. Police say the teen was carrying a gun that morning and the bodycam footage shows the officer lighting a gun on the ground near Toledo after shooting him.

Waco Food Park, Route 77, is hoping to keep growing

Route 77 Food Park was opened to the public during the pandemic. They were supposed to open in April but set the date back to September.

“The opening in September was very different, very interesting for everyone and it started off a bit small and as it has grown,” said Mary Benjamin, the bar and operations manager.

Benjamin also mentioned how great it is to bring David Mercers, the owner, vision of a safe family place to life.

Killeen gospel singer Billboard hit

Killeen gospel singer Jokia rose to the top of a Billboard chart this week with her latest single, “Yahweh”.

The 22-year-old song peaked at number 37 on the Gospel National Airplay charts after being on the charts for 37 weeks, she announced on Facebook on April 12.

“Seeing ‘Yahweh’ at # 1 is just one of the many little reminders that God is with me,” Jokia told Billboard. “Being an independent artist is not easy, but I hope it inspires others to move on and trust God for his process.”

Get paid to watch home improvement shows

If you’re a Wacoan, chances are you’re a huge Chip and Joanna Gaines fan. If the only time you can get paid is watching their Fixer Upper show.

ReviewHomeWarranties website offers to pay someone $ 1,000 to watch at least 10 episodes of three different home improvement shows.