MTN DEW weighs down Myles Turner’s campaign for Defensive Player of the Year 2021; Petitions City and Mayor Hogsett rename Indianapolis to “Block City”

  MTN DEW weighs down Myles Turner's campaign for Defensive Player of the Year 2021;  Petitions City and Mayor Hogsett rename Indianapolis to


Our type for six years Myles Turner crashed boards, abandoned games, and balled-out as a defensive anchor for the Indiana Pacers.

Averaging 3.4 blocks per game – an Indiana Pacers franchise record that has the most shots on the edge – 13.2 edge competitions out of 100 and an average of 0.9 steals – Turner isn’t just the best defender on the court this season – he’s single- in no time the city turned around Indianapolis in “Block City,” which hosts nightly highlight role block parties against the best the NBA has to offer. Despite his historic achievements on the pitch, he’s still not getting the NBA Defensive Player of the Year 2021 (DPOY) recognition that he deserves. That’s why we need your help.

We say it’s time to be in charge to support Turner’s DPOY campaign. We, MTN DEW, DEW Nation, the Indiana Pacers and the fans, are officially moving for Mayor Hogsett and the city Indianapolis to throw the full community support behind Myles and raise him above his DPOY peers by:

Rename the city of Indianapolis to “Block City” for one day in Turner’s honor

Nobody plays as much for this block as Turner. Please sign and share this petition so we can seal the deal and get the word out. Let’s make “Block City” a reality and show it together Myles Turner Hometown love if you help us bill his campaign for NBA Defensive Player of the Year 2021.

“DPOY is something I’ve worked towards year after year. Just like every season, I played ball for every block and left everything on the court,” he said Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers. “I’m thrilled that MTN DEW is committed to winning DPOY. I can’t wait to interact with my fans and fans.” City of Indianapolis on a deeper level. “

Turner added, “Although I missed a few games late in the season, I look forward to coming back and helping my team with a playoff push.”

To further support Turner and raise awareness of its DPOY campaign, MTN DEW is donating 200 packages of essential items, including water, food, toiletries and blankets, to its charity WARM (Work As Role Models). All donations are supported Indianapolis Resident in need.

“MTN DEW is always looking for cross-border sports, especially basketball, to help us get closer to our fans and consumers,” he said Umi Patel, CMO, PepsiCo North Division. “”Myles Turner is a hero in Indianapolis and it’s an incredibly important market for PepsiCo – what better way to engage with the community than to drive its DPOY campaign? Rotate Indianapolis “Block City” is our way of engaging our badass fans and continuing to make a lasting impact, both on and off the pitch. “

Don’t forget to sign the petition and join the mission to bill Turner’s candidacy for Defensive Player of the Year 2021 at Would like more? Visit and follow @MountainDew on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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