Much too early 2022 Mock Draft sees Indianapolis Colts Land OT

Much too early 2022 Mock Draft sees Indianapolis Colts Land OT

With the predicted left tackle of the Indianapolis Colts, Eric Fisher coming back from a torn Achilles in January 2021, playing with a one-year contract and star right tackle Braden Smith entering a contract year, the Colts could find themselves back in the tackle market at the beginning of the 2022 NFL draft?

It is entirely possible.

While the 2021 season hasn’t even started, the NFL draft community never rests. The Draft Wire released a two-stage mock draft on June 1 that saw the Colts building another key piece into the trenches.

In the two-round mock-up, Luke Easterling of The Draft Wire has the Colts, who pick Penn State’s outstanding offensive tackle Rasheed Walker in 21st place overall. According to Easterling, the selection order was based on the 2021 Super Bowl odds.

While Easterling didn’t provide an explanation regarding the Walker pick, it’s clear that in 2022 the Colts could be looking for either a left or right tackle, depending on what happens that season.

It is worth noting, however, that due to the Carson Wentz trade, the Colts are likely to have no first round selection in 2022, as the conditional second round that was abandoned becomes a first when Wentz plays 70% of the offensive snaps.

Right now, Easterling predicts that the Colts will not lose their first round player here, but instead will lose their second round player to the Colts in 2022 to complete the wentz deal that the Philadelphia Eagles use to select offensive tackle Josh Sills in the state of Oklahoma.

While Walker would be a great addition to arguably the best offensive line in Indianapolis football, the Colts are highly unlikely to keep their first-round player in 2022 and oust Indianapolis from first-round next season unless swaps are possible.

The good news for Colts fans is that the endless mock-ups that lead to next year’s draft may not matter that much, especially when projecting through the mid-50s.

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